I must admit, I am not a huge holiday decorator.  
I have one small box of Halloween decor 
and it took me all of five minutes to get it out and scatter it about. 

I started with the hood over the stove in the kitchen.
I like to keep my fireplace mantles simple, but I sometimes deck this area out for a holiday.
I added the metal gate, small pumpkin and silver platter to spook things up a bit. 

I hung this friendly ghost and black burlap wreath to the chalkboard frame in the kitchen.

Lastly, I displayed my son's work of art from second grade. 
He was quite proud of his creation, as was I. 
I especially like his blue eyes and red lips!! 

And that's all folks.  I know, kind of pathetic, right?
Do you go all out for Halloween?


  1. The little school art ghost is a cutie! I don't do any halloween decor. Fall I do a little. Christmas is when I go all out!

  2. i think it is cute! and i love the ghost, too- SO cute!!!!!
    i get a little excited... i don't over do but i definitely have a bit. :)

  3. I used to have dozens of Rubbermaid tubs of Halloween stuff when my kids were little, but now I don't have kids. So I will maybe put a wreath on the door and a couple of small things out, but that's it. The stuff is still in the tubs, waiting for grandchildren.

  4. What's not to love about a ghost wearing lipstick? My girls want me to go all out outside - but a girl can only do so much! They want it to be scary - but I'm more partial to red lipped ghosts!

  5. Andrea, I find it all just perfectly spooky. The more simple it is, the more effect it has; the huge yard blow ups and plastics are over the top and loses the 'scary' fast. I love the burlap ghost wreath. I am inspired to do a little something at my house now....

  6. i love it! i have apples in a turkey basket....that's it - haaaa - i'm not a huge halloween person so no...i need some pumpkins and mums but i haven't gotten them yet - really love the wreath - precious!!!
    i saw some cute ideas on pinterest i might have annnie do to cute it up!

  7. I really like fall but I'm not a big Halloween fan. We have a few fall decorations but nothing too crazy. I think I enjoy the colors and smells more than the actual decorations. I plopped a bag of clementines into a bowl and that made me very happy.

  8. I go all out. Halloween is my fav holiday. I decorate inside and out. I even change my shower curtain to a scary one. The office I work at could double as a haunted house. It is actually my coworkers not me. Like minded girls I quess.


  9. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!


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