I have certainly never been accused of having a green thumb.  
In fact, the only three things I have been able to keep alive are my three children,
 Even then, there have been some close calls.  
Therefore, I am not holding my breath that the lovely hanging beehive (Bolivian Jew) plants I had on my back porch this summer will live a long life now that I have moved them inside for the season.

But until they die a slow death, I will enjoy the natural element they bring to our home. 
I added one to the living room and used an old vintage stool as a plant stand. 

I added the other one to our family room. 
I suspect the kids and the dog will play a role in its death.

I promise to do my best to water them regularly 
and I will cross my fingers that they make it through the winter.   

I tossed the ferns.  They are just too messy to live in my house. 

Do you move any of your plants inside for the winter?


  1. You're reading my mind...I've got to bring in my peace lily for the fall/winter but I'm not hopeful that it will do well. It actually did better when I moved it outside for the summer. We'll see what happens - I'll keep you posted. And good luck w/ yours too. I've enjoyed bringing a few small plants into our home to see how they do.

  2. I love that plant, and have never owned or killed one - maybe it's time to give it a try!
    I moved my herbs inside and love the little bit of green they bring……I'm really hoping to keep them alive through the winter.
    Love, love, love that blue secretary in your living room by the way!

  3. Those plants are beautiful Andrea and look so pretty inside! I bet with weekly watering they'll last all winter.

  4. advantage of california is not necessary for us.

  5. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!

  6. I do try moving some into the house with varying degrees of success. I agree about the ferns. They are definitely too messy unless you have a basement to stick them in. They don't require a lot of light. I hope yours make it over the winter.


  7. Ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive, ah ah ah ah staying aaaaaaalivvvvvvveeeee.


  8. loving the graphics ;) I moved in a few succulents but nothing major - mine usually die before I get the chance to move them in ;)

  9. I've got ferns - but will toss them like you. I can't deal with their shedding - worse than a cat!
    Hope your green thumb survives the long winter!


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