I can't believe how much joy this little puppy has brought to our family. 
He came along and literally chewed his way into our hearts.  

Willee has completely taken over the mudroom.  
I added a baby gate so that when we aren't able to keep a close eye on him, 
he still has a little freedom to roam about. 
He sleeps his his crate, but when we are gone, he has the whole mudroom to himself. 
That did cause a little problem with the location of our shoes.  
You see, we used to keep them in these vintage locker baskets.
However, Willee liked to help himself to them when we weren't looking. 
They now reside in canvas bins on the floor of the pantry, with the door closed!

 Here he his loving life, surrounded by all his favorite toys. 
I think he now has more toys than our children.

It won't be long before he is too big for this little guy to pick up and torture carry around.

Poor little Willee gets called Charlie at least three times a day.
I was worried about bringing a new puppy home so soon after losing our sweet Charlie, 
but honestly, Willee has played a huge role in helping us all heal.

We are looking forward to Willee being a part of our family for a long time to come. 
Now, if we could just get our shoes out of the pantry.......


  1. That face!!! He is such a cutie :) When our dog was a pup he preferred panties over shoes. And the thing that got me was he always went for my favorites! I guess my husband can blame the dog for all the granny panties I now have :D

  2. What a cutie! I am particularly fond of the photo of him with the Cincinnati Reds ball. Hoping the Reds can seal the deal tonight!!

  3. Oh, how precious! There is nothing like a puppy - especially with kids! I cannot believe how much happiness our dog has brought to our lives too!

  4. He is darling! Wish our experience was as good....Jasper just turned one (even though we've only had him for 5 weeks) and, about once a week, he decides to use my new family room carpet as his dumping ground. Literally! I use the term "accident" lightly...he knows exactly what he is doing! He's a goofball and would love to meet Willee if you guys are up this way!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can see why he's stolen your hearts!!

  6. That's really sweet :) glad you're all loving him so much!

  7. What a precious face and look how happy your son is. How wonderful. Looks like you definitely have many yeas of joy ahead with Willee.


  8. Why don't they make dog toys shaped like shoes? Or do they?



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