I ventured out on another Craigslist adventure over the weekend. 
I found these chairs I fell in love with and knew they had to be mine.
I called right away and made arrangements to pick them up on Sunday.
I also negotiated the price down to $40 for all four chairs! Makes me love them even more.

Fortunately, I used my common sense and forced politely invited two friends to go along with me.
It was actually more of a shopping trip with a last minute mention of the Craigslist adventure.  
Lucky for me, they were up for it.  

We pulled up to a warehouse in a not-so-nice part of Cincinnati.  
A scary looking man came out and greeted us.  
No way in the world I would have taken one step inside that warehouse by myself. 
My two, very strong friends accompanied me in to get the chairs.
Turns out, the seemingly scary man was not so scary at all.  
He was a nice guy who bids on storage bins that have been repossessed. 
He had an entire warehouse full of treasures, and maybe a little trash too.

I left with only the four chairs I came for. 
I won't lie, my friends took one look at the chairs and had a somewhat disgusted look on their faces. 
I think one of them actually said, "Is this what you thought the chairs would look like?"
My reply, YEP and I love them!

I really want this dining room to have a casual feel to it and I think these chairs help achieve that. 
My plan is to eventually get a bench on the fireplace side 
and put three of the chairs on the opposite side. 
But for now, this is working on nicely.

The six Pottery Barn parsons chairs are currently living in furniture purgatory in my basement.
I love the wingback chairs at the head of the table 
and the parsons chairs were just too much paired with the wingbacks.
The wingbacks are not really made to be dining chairs and you feel like a munchkin 
siting in them at the table, but it's nothing a pillow in the seat can't solve. 
Just another slight problem.

Speaking of slight problems, I eluded to the fact, in this post,
that my aggressive act of butchering the rug was slightly successful.  
Here's a sneak peek at the outcome.
I'll show you some close ups later this week, and 
hopefully, by then, I will have a plan to remedy another slight problem.

I am really trying to step out of my comfort zone with decorating my own home.
A few years ago, I would have never looked twice at these Craigslist chairs,
but right now, I am loving them and the fun, casual vibe they bring to our dining room.

Notice I said "right now".  
I think that is why I don't invest a ton of money into things like chairs, rugs, mirrors and lamps.  
Who knows, I may love those chairs five years from now too, but if not, I'm only out $40!

Do you decorate for the long haul or do you always reserve the right to change your mind?


  1. I think they work - an unexpected compliment to the upholstered chairs at the ends of the table! Great texture too - it's hard to step out of our comfort zones with decorating, but the payoffs can be soooo worth it!

  2. oooh i love the! their funky shape and texture are awesome... and you know what i know exactly the look you got.... i get it ALL the time :)

  3. What a great find! And for $40, you can't go wrong. I agree that you are achieving the casual vibe and the best part is you can change it up to your heart's content!

  4. haha love the adventure you drug your friend on! That's what they are there for, right? :) I LOVE your wingback chairs. I hope to eventually have something similar at the end of my dining table. I also adore your parsons chairs. Too bad you don't live closer and I could temporarily "store" them for you around a breakfast table. hah

  5. I love 'em too! Way to mix it up, girl!

  6. I love the chairs, especially the wingbacks for the head seats. What a great find!

  7. Love the texture on those chairs!!! It's fun stepping outside the box. That's what I always end up loving about rooms the most - the unexpected touches. Everything looks so cool together, and the rug looks like it turned out great :)

  8. I like the look - I found my dining room chairs on craigslist too - and I like to decorate reserving the right to change. :o)

  9. I love the texture and warm color they bring to the space, Andrea! They are unexpected with the host chairs and I love that casual vibe they bring. This is such an awesome room for a dining room with the windows and the fireplace!
    I just bought two dining chairs today! We are so on the same page.

  10. Andrea
    I love the chairs, especially the wingbacks for the head seats. What a great find!I love love your blog . You have a New follówer from chile

  11. You were channeling me, or I was channeling you. I picked up craigslist chairs yesterday as well but the man of the place was anything but scarey!!

    I also kept the wing backs at the head of the table.


  12. Love 'em!!! What a STEAL! and the rug turned out great too!!!

  13. Does anyone understand exactly where I can purchase a cheap egg chair?

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  14. I have learned I have to give myself the privilege to change my mind! If it costs very much at all I need to be very sure I will love it for a very long time!

  15. Andrea - great score! Love the texture of the chairs with the modern chrome. Glad you brought some muscle to pick them up too!

    I have core pieces that I invest in - sofas, dining tables, etc. Accessories I try to be cheap - so I can change and not feel guilty!


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