I am working with a new e-design client in San Diego.  
Lucky for her, she has this little problem with sunshine.
It streams through the windows in the late afternoon and disturbs television viewing. 
On this dreary, raining day in the Mid-West, I call that a blessing, but I certainly understand her issue.

She had already installed some beautiful moss green velvet drapes to help alleviate the problem. 
I put together a plan using the velvet drapes, 
while also bringing in some fun, vibrant colors to help bring the room to life. 

My client loves to thrift.  
She wanted to be able to add unique pieces to the room to give it a more collected look, 
rather than going out and purchasing everything new.  
Even though I did provide her with fabric sources,  the plan really serves as more of a guide.
She will look locally for similar fabrics and accessories and 
try to pull the same look together.  

This is how I love to decorate too, so I was really excited to work on this project. 

I am looking forward to seeing the room transformed.  

I will be making some changes to my blog soon.  
Hopefully it will be easier to navigate and there will also be a "My Services" tab.  
I will describe in detail the different decorating services I offer. 
Hope you find it helpful.  

Lastly, operation "Make Rug Smaller" was a semi-success.  
It's too dark to take pictures today, but as soon as the sun comes out, 
I promise to share my progress.  

I am determined to make this day bright, despite the lack of sunshine. 
Off to Starbucks!  That should help.


  1. Too much sun - that's a problem I wish I had! Really like the direction this room is headed. Looking forward to seeing how the rug turned out!

  2. Sounds like you and your client are off to a great start w/ this plan, and I love that she will be shopping and collecting pieces that are interesting. Have a good day Andrea - we're getting the rain today. Off to get my coffee!

  3. Love everything you pulled together, great fabric choices and how fun that she's into thrifting!


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