Yesterday, in this post, I eluded to some more changes in the master bedroom.
One thing always leads to another, doesn't it?

I finally decided to add a little color in here.....

Not a ton, but just a few pops here and there.
Like a few green vases from my new collection 
and some rust colored pillows I fashioned from my old curtains.

I also added some new lamps I bought at Target. 
I have been wanting to replace the lamps in here for quite some time 
and when I happened upon these in Target, I knew they would be perfect.
I already had the shades from my thrift store lamp shade collection.

My buffalo check duvet cover from Ikea wasn't quite jiving with the new houndstooth chair.
It will be making an appearance in the guest room soon, 
but for now, I have added this green afghan to the end of the bed. 
It was a wedding gift from one of my mom's good friends.

Just a few small changes and it has made all the difference, to me at least.
I get bored when a room stays the same for too long. 

My little puppy follows me around the house all day long.  
He likes to have his picture taken.  Can you tell?

No room in this house is safe from my constant tweaking. 
I've got my eye on the master bathroom.  Look out!


  1. I love the touches of color. The room is so soothing!

  2. LOVE what you have done, so simple to use what you have and make a big impact. AND that afghan is just stunning, what a wonderful gift!

  3. The afghan is really nice - what a special gift. And that pup of yours is too cute for words - he looks like he's very loyal.


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