Way back in February of this year, I scored this chair for $10 at the thrift store.  
It was pretty hideous with its outdated floral fabric and ruffled skirt. 

Fortunately, I had a vision for this little gem. 

The chair had been mistreated over time and my upholstered had to 
doctor it up a bit. Now it is as sturdy as ever. 

I used this houndstooth fabric I picked up in Nashville back in May on the front of the chair.

And this lovely blue/green on the back. 

Adding the chair to our bedroom caused me to make a few other changes in there. 
You know how that goes, right.....
I'll share those tomorrow. 

I love having a spot in my room to curl up with a book .

I know some people are leery of having furniture reupholstered for fear of the cost involved.
If you can find an upholsterer that does great work at the right price and 
you aren't afraid to hunt for fabric in your price range, it can be
a very economical way to get custom furniture without the high price tag of ordering brand new pieces.

Here is my cost breakdown:
Original chair:  $10
Fabric:  houndstooth ($10/yard - 4 yards used = $40)
blue/green ($5/yard - 3 yards used = $15)
Upholsterer:  $250

Not too shabby for a well made chair in the fabrics of my choice. 
So tell me, are you a "buy it new" or "transform the old" furniture shopper?

I work with two different upholsterers locally.  
If you live in the Cincinnati area and are interested in having a piece of furniture reupholstered, 
you can contact me here and I can give you the contact information.


  1. That chair has such pretty curves to it. It came out great! The teal blue on the back is a nice contrast.

  2. Lovely!! I love the lines of that chair, and can't believe you got it for $10!! I have thought about reupholstering a chair in my office, but the quote I got seemed a bit pricey, given the chair. I do have two other chairs that are pretty sturdy and would be worth the effort/cost. Where is your upholsterer in Cinci? Half the problem is finding someone that does good work and won't charge a fortune!

  3. i die! it's awesome!!!!!!! LOVE the fabric on it!

  4. I love this makeover! The fabric is gorgeous!

  5. Stunning Andrea! I knew when you picked that baby up that it would be gorgeous after you got done with it, the bargain aspect is icing on the cake! Nice job!!!!

  6. Very nice! Turned out great. I have been needing to reupholster a pair of wingbacks that are hand-me-downs from my parents. I haven't been able to decide on fabric or get the ball rolling though

  7. This chair looks brand spankin' new - I love it. And houndstooth is such a great, classic choice that you'll enjoy for a long time. Nice work!

  8. Looks great! And thanks for giving a cost breakdown--I have a chair I'd like reupholstered and have been wondering what a good price range for an upholsterer is.

    Jessica R.


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