I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  
Today, I am super thankful for my stretchy yoga pants.
I cannot believe how much food I consumed this weekend.

First things first, the winner of the Charles Emerson Designs giveaway is......

I love the lucky necklace!
Lucky you, Julia, looks like you will be getting the lucky necklace!

Another thing to add to my thankful list are these fabulous faux succulents
I picked up from a little shop in Lexington, KY a few weekends ago.

The succulents were attached to long plastic stems which I promptly cut off as soon as I got home.
Lately, I have been drawn to green and I am slowing adding more of it to every room in my home.
I love the fact that these succulents will live on forever (unlike the ones on my front porch).

Are you a faux flower fan or do you only like the real stuff?


  1. i am a real flower girl, but when it comes to greenery, i think it can be faked just as well, and frankly i kill everything, so i could work with these. :)

  2. I love the real thing but I don't get along with real succulents either! I will have to try the fake ones.

  3. Those look so real!! And I love your give thanks print!

  4. I usually like the real thing, but I have a faux succulent in the hubs office. I love it - it looks so real and I can't kill it!!

  5. I love real flowers and plants but I can't seem to remember to water them enough or not enough or take care of them properly in my home! So I LOVE real looking faux!

  6. They are really pretty, but I'm really loving the Give Thanks print! The pattern gives it such beautiful texture. Did you make that?


  7. So excited to win the lucky! Thanks so much for hosting! xoxox


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