Speaking of getting trim, after being unable to exercise for several months 
(due to my upper back/neck injury), 
I am certainly making up for lost time and attempting to get trim again, but that's a whole separate post.

Today, I want to show you the trim I finally got around to adding to the dining room curtains.
I talked about wanting to do so, here.
I did look around locally and on-line for some deep blue velvet trim,
but I just couldn't seem to find any I loved at the right price.
So I did what I normally do, I forgot all about the project entirely.

Luckily, my laziness patience has paid off, again.
Back in November, while doing a little shopping in Lexington,
I happened upon a bolt of trim in a little vintage shop.

This trim, to be exact......

It was tucked down on the bottom shelf with some random objects.
I quickly took it up front and inquired about the quantity and the price.
Well, low and behold, wouldn't you know, there was exactly one yard more than I needed 
and the kind shop owner wanted me to take it off his hands for a mere $15.  SOLD!

My mother was in town visiting at the time 
and she attached it with stitch witchery to the edges of all four panels.

I tried hard to get a picture of the entire bay window, but the the lighting was too bright at the time.
The simple trim really does dress up the curtains just enough.

So now that the curtains finally got trim, 
I'm going to bust my butt getting trim, hopefully before Spring Break.

Thanks for all the feedback on the lighting options for "The Nook".  
I'm excited to tackle a few projects around here.


  1. oooh i love it! it looks perfect and finishes the curtains nicely!

  2. What beautiful curtains- the trim is gorgeous!

  3. Nice!!! It looks great and amazing what some trim can do to spruce those panels up some more. I've got some panels in our dining room that need trim too and I haven't gotten around to ordering anything for it yet.

  4. That's my kind of trim - and the other kind better come soon (as I sit eating a big bowl of ice cream)!

  5. Can I get trim by reading about your trim? I love it - it adds such a nice finishing touch to your panels!

  6. I am SO familiar about forgetting projects. Awesome find on the trim. It looks perfect!

  7. Oh what a GREAT idea! I never would have thought of doing that. Looks awesome.

  8. Oo, it looks wonderful! I love it! So light and fresh. And yay for exercising and getting trim! The husband and I are trying to bust our butts this year getting back into the running/gym habit.


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