Since we recently converted the dining room to "The Nook", and removed the two glass lanterns that used to hang over the dining table, I haven't been thrilled with the lighting situation in this space.

I first thought adding pendant lighting over the island might be the answer, 
but after three years of cooking, entertaining and living in this kitchen, 
we have all gotten used to not having something hanging over our heads.
Not to mention, baseballs, footballs and basketballs fly through this room on a daily basis. 
I would be setting myself up for disaster by adding something breakable right smack dab 
in the middle of our most used space in the house.

It is quite the miracle that those three plates you see hanging on the wall are still hanging there.
There have certainly been some close calls, but somehow, they have survived.

Ruling out pendant lighting over the island, leads me to this area, "The Nook".
Seems like the perfect spot to add some light, not to mention, a little interest.

Here are a few fixtures I've been eyeing.......

The Brentwood Pendant from West Elm

The Turning Pendant, also from West Elm.

We will only be hanging one light here.
Therefore, the electrical box will have to moved to the center of the room,
and the two existing ones, taken out.  
Since some drywall repair work will be needed and the ceiling will have to re-painted, 
I think I might add some color up there (just in the Nook).
Nothing drastic, just a hint of color.

One thing always leads to another, doesn't it.  
I hope to make some decisions and get started on this project very soon.
I will keep you posted, of course. 


  1. looking forward to seeing which light you choose. Your kitchen is lovely.

  2. I vote for #2, but they're both equally lovely in their own ways! And I absolutely adore your kitchen. Even though I've seen it on your blog before, I'm still smitten. Such a beautifully fantastic space!!!

  3. I don't know about lighting for the nook, but I'm having a serious case of island envy, and I don't mean of the Winter vacation kind.


  4. Yes the good old domino effect! Love the Brentwood, but know whatever you choose will be fab. Go for the ceiling paint too....

  5. First off, I'm totally jealous of your insanely gorgeous kitchen. It's perfection. I think I'd cook more often if I had that kitchen. Well... Maybe not ;) Love both pendant choices. I could see the turned pendant looking very much at home in your nook.

  6. If you give Andrea a light fixture is the new book you can write. ;) Beautiful choices, I'm sure whatever you pick will be great! The nook is so cute, I want to come sit on the couch while you make dinner and we chat.

  7. I'm voting for the first one...like the thought of the warmth of the wood up there...just my 2 cents :)

  8. I really like that first one too and I think adding it to the nook will look great and will give a great view from the kitchen. And yes, how have those plates survived? And the baker's rack with the dishes on it - you've trained your kiddos well.


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