I came across this lovely water color on Pinterest (originally from Lonny) a while back.  
It had me dreaming of putting my toes in the sand.

In a less than two weeks, my toes will finally be in the sand.
Here are a few things, inspired by the water color, that I hope to bring along.

1, 234, 5, 67, 8

Are you dreaming of warmer weather and the sound of crashing waves?


  1. Sounds like a great little get away is in store for you! None on the docket for my family this year (insert sad face) but I will say I have been escaping at home reading Gone Girl, can't put it down, which is a good thing because my 2 week checkout from the library is almost up!

  2. my mind is ready, but it's trying hard to send the message to my body, which is far from ready!

  3. Oooh do tell….where are you off to sink your feet into the sand??
    That bikini is SO cute….too bad after trying on bathing suits yesterday and I have decided to wear a scuba suit on our trip.

  4. I was just ogling a Pinterest photo of Fiji the other day, longing for warm days and lots of sunshine!

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