Ever since we got rid of the short lived sectional last year, 
I am been meaning to update the gallery wall above the new sofa. 

I finally got around to it one day last week.
Once it was done, I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. 
There were several issues I had with the old gallery wall.

This is what I did to address the issues:
I switched out four frames with new frames with mats from Target.
I added two gold oval frames I had on hand.
I condensed the entire display to work with the new smaller sofa. 

I added two of these frames with oversize mats (in two different sizes).

I also added two of these simple black frames with mats. 

The only two pictures I added to the gallery wall were these two.  
Those cheeks, oh how I miss those chubby little cheeks!

I started the process by taking down the entire gallery wall.

I vacuumed behind the couch, filled all the nail holes and wiped down the wall.  
I had intended to repaint the wall, but my paint was too old 
and once I used a magic eraser, the wall looked almost as good as new.  
Have I mentioned I HATE to paint?

Next, I traced all the frames onto newspaper, labeled them,
cut them out and started playing around with a new arrangement. 
When I finally got everything arranged like I wanted, 
I used my newspaper templates as a guide to make new nail holes, 
and then replaced my newspaper templates with the frames.

Much better!

I had been dreading this project for almost a year.  
In total, including frame shopping, I think I spent two hours on the darn project.
Why oh why do I procrastinate so much???

I think gallery walls can be quite intimidating.
The approach I used makes the process a little less painful. 
Happy to check this one off my "to do" list!

So do tell, what kind of projects are you putting off tackling?


  1. it looks perfect! and how did i never notice that awesome ceiling??? and could your kids be any cuter? no. the answer is they could not.

  2. I love it! I am happy to hear it didn't take too long. I have been putting off doing a gallery wall in my upstairs hallway because I just hate hanging pictures. Now I feel motivated again!

  3. This looks like it was a big project...those are definitely the ones I put off, but this was so worth your time! It looks wonderful! You have a good eye for seeing what doesn't work. I like that you made it higher. Thanks for showing how you did it! :)


  4. your gallery wall is perfect! I am about to embark on a gallery wall down our staircase, and I'm scared into procrastination also. The art is framed and ready to go, and once the wall is painted, I guess there's no more excuses!

  5. Look great and those children are gorgeous!!...Love the frames you chose too!!...come on over for a visit...

  6. Great eye for being able to analyze the changes you wanted to make - it looks SO good! Agree, miss those chubby cheeks...and thighs! :)

  7. Me? Putting off projects? You just have me confused with someone else... Hmmm, how about the gigantic fireplace project that is literally the big elephant in the room. Mocking me. We've come to grips that we should have taken a different approach when we took on this task, and are regrouping. Not sure what the next step is, but it would be really nice if this project was done, so I wouldn't have to look at it every day. But it sure puts off good heat! :-)

    Love your new gallery wall - I can't get enough of them! As for painting, I will paint ANY day. It's all of the other half-finished projects that are the bane of my existence!

  8. Awesome job Andrea!! I love the look of your gallery wall!

  9. Looks awesome! Love it! And those cheeks, what cutie patooties! Want to come do mine? :)

  10. Andrea. The wall looks so great! I like the composition of this grouping so much better...it's more substantial and has a bigger impact. And could your kids be any cuter???? Oh.my.goodness they are adorable, all three!

  11. It looks great! I need to use that method next time - looks much better than my crazy random one that makes me end up with way too many nail holes in the walls. Ha!

  12. I love it!!!! what a great looking update.

  13. I think your gallery wall looks great!

  14. I'm right there with you - I procrastinate with the best of them but when I project is done it feels so good. This looks great Andrea - what a difference

  15. Which project am I procrastinating? Precisely this one!

  16. Hi, loved this post so much, i'm actually setting up a photo gallery myself! :) could you please inform the measurement of the space between each frame? Thanks


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