I have this friend who has amazing style and impeccable taste. 
Several years ago she and her husband rehabbed their old home.
Just recently, they sold it and are embarking on another major renovation project. 
I have seen the "before" and I can't wait to see the "after". 
Hopefully she will let me share it with you when it is complete. 

I took some pictures of their old home before it sold.
The whole thing is stunning.
I was particularly impressed with her drapes.
Some were custom and absolutely beautiful. 
However the ones in her bedroom were purchased from the Ballard Designs Outlet.

Her designer sent them to his workroom and had them lined and pinch pleated. 
Each panel on this window is one and a half of the original panels sewn together.
I also love the way they used two smaller dressers joined together to make it look like one large dresser.

The dummy panels on either side of the bed are also lined and pinch pleated.

She had a few panels leftover and had a valance made for the adjoining master bathroom.

This is a great inexpensive way to get a custom look.

I am working with a client now on some semi-custom drapes.
We ordered these panels from JC Penney.
We needed six 108" long panels and to purchase the fabric alone for this project
would have been very expensive. 

This is the massive window we are addressing. 
The clients are getting ready to put their house on the market, 
so our solution needed to be neutral and budget friendly.
We not only wanted to dress up the windows, 
but also needed something to block the sunlight that streams in during the afternoon hours. 
We ordred four panels and will have them sewn together so that when closed, 
they will cover the entire window.
The panels are only $50 each.
Not too bad for a monster window.

I should have an "after" shot of the monster window soon.

Now I'm itching to address some windows in my home.


  1. Beautiful fabric on those curtains! And the ones from JCP look great for $50. I really really need to get some curtains on my dining room windows. Thanks for inspiring me this morning!

  2. I love that custom valance! What a cool look! Can't wait to see how you customize these drapes, because I have some plain ones in our bedroom that I would love to jazz up somehow.

  3. This is such a great way of getting a custom look from an off the shelf product! Another trick I have used is to add trim and/or fabric to the store bought curtains to customize them. The added width is key, store bought panels look wimpy with their single 50" width!

  4. Great solution Andrea and that is a great price for those panels since you need a few of them. And when time and budget are important, getting a semi-custom look is a nice alternative. I've been wanting to add some trim to my IKEA panels in our dining room but I just haven't had the time. My Mom helped me hem them last weekend and that was a big help too. I also love that box pleat valance in your friend's bathroom.

  5. those drapes are gorgeous- her home is stunning!

  6. Depending on the budget....I use ready made curtains quite often. Especially when they are dummy panels! If they are hung correctly and pressed then you will have a great look!

  7. I totally agree with Cathy, I think the extra width makes them look much more custom, definitely worth spending a bit more for the extra panel. I need to address mine, too!

  8. I'm wondering if this friend is my new neighbor?! :) So pretty. I've always been horrible with drapes (too indecisive).... not a single one in my entire home..... will need your help with this when I return! Have a great weekend!


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