Remember when I moved a few plants inside for the winter. 
Yeah, well, that didn't go over too well. 

They were all lush and green when I brought them inside. 

And then they died......

Not that I truly expected them to live, but there was a slim chance.

I let the dead plants sit around for a while to remind me 
that I should never again be trusted with houseplants. 

Apparently, that little ploy didn't work, because last Saturday, 
I purchased my latest victim.....

Let's just call her, Jade (since she is Jade plant).

Isn't she lovely?  I think she fits right in here in the dining room.

Here's a close up of her....
I love her beautiful full leaves. 
She is a part of the succulent family, which should mean easy maintenance.
I did a little research before bringing her home.
I am going to do my best to help her have a long, healthy life here. 

I think she likes it here....

So if you were a betting person, 
would you put your money on me keeping this thing alive until Summer?
Yes, I realize the odds are not in my favor......

Oh and if you are local, the kind husband and wife who sold her to me, 
have many more and they asked me to spread the word. 
Let me know if you want a plant of your own to kill nurture and care for 
and I will put in you contact with them.


  1. i can sympathize.... i hope for the best for jade, but you and i share this quality.... the inability to nurture something that doesn't demand it! :)

  2. ok, I have trouble keeping plants alive too so I have no advice. BUT. I love love that secretary. !

  3. all my inside plants die too :( that one is beautiful! i hope jade pulls through with flying colors and lives for ever :) ..... my dad used to give his plants in his office his left over coffee and they were the most successful. haha

  4. My kis got a bulb form some sort of winter carnival and I just threw it away this morning. It amazes me that I can not get a single thing to grow!

  5. Oh I love it, I've only kept succulents alive so far, love those leaves :)

  6. So glad I read your post! I have a jade plant which really needs to be moved to a larger pot and so will do this weekend. Am still nursing a "money plant" bought at Smith & Hawkins 3 yrs. before they closed all retail (makes that like 7 yrs. now!) and it just got repotted - looking good.

  7. It looks perfect on top of that stool. I wasn't even able to keep my succulent alive, but I think it wasn't getting enough light and it was too close to our heat source. Thankfully it was small. My sanseveria is doing well though so score one for that one.

  8. I'm a plant killer myself, but I think those ones do really well. It's a great size for that space. Good luck!

  9. Hi I just found your blog and am reading up and enjoying.

    I got a Jade plants once from a co-worker. 10 shriveled up centimeters and nearly dead. I let it soak up some water and moved it into a plastic container on a dish.*
    I then unexpectedly moved and the plant was put in a closet in the attic. (it did have a window) I forgot about it for months on end and it still thrived. It's not with me anymore for I moved house again, but reading your post, the Jade has just re-entered my plant-Wish-List again.

    * usually the secret with indoor plants is to put the plant in a container on an dish. You water the dish, not the plant. The plant will soak up what it needs and you won't spoil the soil.
    Nice plantpots are prettier than plastic ones on a dish.. but a thriving plant makes up for that!

    Anyway, thanks!

  10. o and so YES! I would bet on you keeping the plant alive till summer!

  11. I have a jade that was purchased at Ikea a couple of years ago....she was nearly dead until I moved her (one last attempt) to a south facing window where she is growing like nobody's business....so if your jade begins to loose leaves...find a good window with lots of light! Good luck!

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