Somehow today got away from me.  
I promised to share my solution for lighting "The Nook" today and it's not midnight yet.

I know, you're probably expecting something magnificent, given how I hyped it up.
But it's pretty simple, I used one of the Restoration Hardware lanterns that I already owned. 
Two of them previously hung here over the table, when this area served as the dining room.
We took them down for a while, since I banged my head on them more times than I care to reveal.

When the electrician was here installing the light in the new dining room, 
I had had him move the box to the center of the room 
so the light could hang directly over the coffee table/trunk. 

It was an simple and almost free solution (we did have to pay the electrician).  

I love how the clear glass of the lantern lets in all the natural light from the window.

This big blank wall won't be blank for much longer.  
I've been talking about the barn door idea forever now, 
but I am just about ready to stop talking and start doing.

I need to plan a party to give myself a deadline. 
I turn 40 in two years.  That should give me enough time. 
Kidding, not about turning 40, but about taking two years to get this done. 

I don't think I have anywhere else I can use the other lantern so I may be selling it.
Let me know if you or someone you know might be interested in buying it. 
You can contact me here


  1. I love love love a hanging light over a sitting area and am so glad you posted about this, Andrea! Your single lantern looks great there! Just last weekend we had friends over and I mentioned how I'd love a chandelier or funky light over our coffee table in the living room. The women were all "oooh yes do it!" and the men were giving me the "look". So now I am going to show them all your fabulous nook! Cannot wait for your barn door too!

  2. great solution and it totally works and lends towards a cozy look!

  3. Looks great and nice to see you reused something you already had.

  4. Looks great! :) Always nice to use something you already had and way to use the electrician when he was already there.

  5. It looks lovely there! Wish I could use the other one but I just don't have the space.

  6. I'm in love with that lantern! Seriously.

  7. I always love that unexpected placement ~ great idea!! Paaarty, paaarty! :)

  8. It looks wonderful! I still have that extra barn door if you are still thinking about it :)

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  10. oh i love this! like a keeping room, which I have always wanted - but my house right now doesn't have the room. I love it and would totally spend tons of time hanging out in the Nook :o)


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