I presented this plan to a new client recently.

She has a beautiful home (and a couple gorgeous children, I might add) 
and she just needed some help updating a few rooms.

The original plan was to makeover the two story foyer, 
give the living room/office a facelift and jazz up the recently decorated dining room.

When I presented the plan, she loved design for the foyer,
but was having trouble getting on board with the design for the living room/office.
I suggested she paint the room, rearrange the furniture, add curtains, 
some art and a neutral rug with texture.

Here is where the problem comes in, 
she's not in love anymore with the furniture she purchased several years ago.
This is the sofa.  She also has an oversized chair in the same fabric 
and another solid red chenille chair to match. 

Rather than put a band-aid on a room full of furniture she doesn't like, 
she decided to put this room on hold.  
She will wait until she can replace the furniture with something she truly loves.  
Then we won't need to work around the elephant(s) in the room.

I think this is a very smart decision.  
While the new paint color, curtains and rug would have given the room a more 
updated look, it still wasn't going to "the room" my client truly wanted.

Being a rather impatient person myself, 
I understand how hard it is to put off doing something you really want to do. 
But in the long run, to be able to relax in a room you LOVE is worth the wait.

So while this room waits patiently for its turn to get a makeover,
the foyer will take the spotlight for now. 

The light, rug and console table have been purchased and the space will be painted soon.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Are you a patient decorator?  


  1. This is such a great post. I think especially in blogland we are so used to seeing a design - and then bam! the finished product. In my own home I take my time because I'm done decorating around pieces I don't love - so I'm exercising patience (it doesn't come naturally to me!!) and waiting until I can do what I really want. Your client is lucky to have a designer that understands this and helps her to see down the road, the end goal she really wants to work towards.

  2. that is definitely a smart decision! i tend to not buy prints in big pieces of furniture- all of our sofas have always been solid! i just know that i will tire of them... as fun as they can seem at the time.

  3. I learned neutrals work best for me on major furniture pieces, I LOVE to change things up and it give me the chance to do that easily with accessories. Great post, Andrea ~ enjoy the weekend!

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  5. I love this post - it's given me an idea for a post! I think she made the perfect decision. I always choose neutral furnishing for this very reason.

  6. I'm not a huge fan of red but I really like that fabric on the sofa - it looks like it's in really nice condition - maybe with some new pillows she could love it again?


I love reading each and every one of your comments!