This is how I started the conversation with my husband.....

Me: I have some good news and some bad news.
Husband: What's the good news?
Me:  We have a new love seat!
Husband: Yes, I know, it's in the garage, right?
Me: Ready for the bad news?
Husband: Sure.
Me: We have another new love seat!
Husband: Silence.....

You might remember that I just bought this love seat a couple of months ago. 
It is still sitting in the garage, awaiting its fate. 
In the meantime, I found this beauty at an estate sale.

I fell in love with the coral/salmon velvet fabric and the simple lines.
It came from a beautiful old estate in Cincinnati and is in perfect condition.

I'm sure I'll be getting a call from TLC to appear on Hoarders any day now.

The love seat that used to sit here, now awaits its fate in the basement.
My upholsterer stopped by yesterday to take a look at the love seat in the garage

to give me an estimate to reupholster it.  
I'll either invest in having it reupholstered and use it in "The Nook
or I'll leave it as is and sell it on Craigslist. 

What can I say, I love love seats!
Spill it, what are you hoarding?


  1. love it!!!!!! so you so awesome so perfect! double good news because now you can change them out when you want.... no bad news here. ;)

  2. Your new, new loveseat is gorgeous! I am backing you up to your husband--that was a major score. You can never have too many loveseats. Or chairs. Or mirrors. Or antique picture frames...


  3. I should tell you that I'm holding you responsible for my online auction surfing!! Haven't bought anything (YET), but it's only a matter of time!! Great find!!

  4. Do you know how good this made me feel?!! :) That coral velvet is gorgeous!! You have to find an expensive one online to show him, and then my favorite line, 'Look how much money I saved!"

  5. I love that love seat! I hoard odd antique items...such as furniture. My husband just says, "Where are you going to put that?!" lol

  6. I just told a friend I can't bring myself to buy upholstered pieces used, but I would totally make an exception for this!! I love the color and it looks like it's brand new! Lucky husband that you are such a clever bargain hunting wife!!!!

  7. If you asked my husband he'd say I hoard everything, I keep telling him though that my things are seasonal:)
    I think the loveseat you found is neat especially the fabric!

  8. Yup, that is definitely a find not to be passed up! Looks pretty awesome in it's new home too...
    Me? I hoard chairs and pillows........

  9. Is there really bad news????? I see them both as winners :)

  10. I agree with the last comment, I don't see the bad news ;) My husband totally thinks I'm a hoarder. Truth be told, he's worse than me.

  11. Rugs. My husband says I have Rug Problem. LOL!


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