About six weeks ago, a good friend of mine emailed me to see if I would be interested
in helping her transform a room in her home.  She went on to fill me in on her family's plan
to become a host family for an amazing organization called Safe Families

Safe Families for children (SFFC) is a national movement of compassion 
that gives hope to families in crisis.  Safe, loving homes are provided 
where parents may voluntarily have their children cared for 
while the parents seek to restore stability in their lives. 

When she told me about the organization and how she and her husband felt like they
were being called to be a part of it, I couldn't wait to help them get started on their project.
They basically gave me a budget and free reign for the design. 
The only criteria was that  room needed to be gender neutral.

This is the design I came up with.....

This is where we started.

The extra room previously served as an office and a music room for their three girls.

The peach walls were the first things to go.

One of their daughters recently got new bedroom furniture,
so we were able to use her old bed and nightstand.
After a coat of paint and the addition of fun art and accessories, 
the room is now ready to serve as a safe haven for children in need.

I gave one of my bright yellow ginger jar thrift store lamps 
a coat of a "not so bright yellow" spray paint and used it for this project.

The orange pillows came from Etsy.

We used Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (one of my favorite colors) 
on the walls to keep things neutral.  We wanted all the fun colors to pop in the room.

The "songbird" sheets came from The Company Store and they bring a little whimsy to the room.

The prints are from Etsy.  They can be found here.  
There are quite a few inspirational quotes to choose from and you can pick the size and color.  
Everyone in their family got to pick out one.  

We added a few little birdies to the room and this wooden bird house from TJ Maxx.

They already had the curtains on hand.  

We friend used fabric glue to attach this bright green ric rac trim.

The  "Bird on a Wire" wall art from came from Target. 
I gave it a coat of bright orange glossy spray paint.

The three girls each got to add their own creative touch to the room 
by painting a canvas for their special visitors. 

I LOVE the way the room turned out!

My friend and her family are such loving, giving people 
and they are going to be a wonderful support system for these children in need. 
They are looking forward to opening their home and their hearts.

I donated my time for this project and another friend of the family, 
DeeDee Connaughton, donated her time to paint the room.
It was such an honor to be able to work  on this project
and I look forward to doing more work like this in the future. 

If you think you may be a good candidate for Safe Families, you can find more information here.

I hope you have a great week!

(P.S. All of these pictures were taken with my Iphone.  
My good camera is in the shop for 4-6 weeks. YIKES!!) 

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  1. you are amazing! i would LOVE to do a project like this!!!! such a fun and colorful happy place you created.

  2. What a bright and beautiful room - perfect for the purpose it will serve. Good for you for pitching in - I would love to do something like that. Well done! And pretty good photos sans your camera, I must say. ;-) 4-6 weeks without it? Yikes!!

  3. This is so fabulous Andrea! Not only the room but your friends, the organization and you, putting together a warm and inviting space for families in need. You have captured the happy spirit behind it all, kudos to all involved!

  4. How wonderful! A perfect cause and, quite frankly, a perfect blend of colors for this room.

  5. What a touching story! The room looks great and it will be such a haven for the little resident(s). JW

  6. Beautiful! What a wonderful cause...this will certainly put someone in a cheery mood!

  7. What a FABULOUS project to work on, Andrea - how gratifying!! The room came out great, so colorful and fun, a cheerful retreat for whoever stays there. You worked your magic!

  8. What an awesome way to share your gift, my friend! The lively room you created will be a such a happy refuge for some little person!

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  10. Adorable! A perfect space for the purpose it will serve. Well done, such a beautiful and inspring project.

  11. This is so special - what they are doing is so awesome. Love the fun colors and the artwork!

  12. What an adorable room!! It's so bright and fresh. Those prints are too cute and really eye catching. What a great gift to be able to share. I love the girl's artwork in the space too!

  13. What a bright, happy room! And, I love the concept behind it. Thanks for linking up :)

  14. I love the neutral walls and bright, fun colors in the room.

  15. What a fun, colorful space. I think color and surroundings can have a significant impact on our emotions, and I think the space you have created is spot-on for welcoming a child in need. Bright, cheerful, and safe.

  16. Such a sweet and uplifting room! What a great organization and opportunity to help this family create a warm and welcoming room for the children.


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