Since I promised on post on thrifting last week, I had to do a a little research and go thrifting.  
I first hit up my favorite thrift store, St. Vincent DePaul in on Anderson Road in Crescent Springs, KY (for you locals).

There is a separate room full of furniture, lamps and art and I always head there first. 
No lamps that interested me on this trip, but still a pretty decent selection.

They always have a on of art and I have found quite a few things here in the past, but not today.
I normally scour the shelves for original art or great frames that I can re-use.  

This painting has been here for a while (go figure).  How hilarious would it be if I bought it and stuck it on the mantel.  I'm sure our guests would ask if it was one of our parents.  
Nope, picked it up at the thrift store because I thought it was cool. 
I'll have to check the price next time. It might be worth it, just to see the look on their faces. 

 No good furniture finds to speak of on this trip either. 
I usually then make my way to the glassware, knickknacks and metalware.

I did come across these glass decanters and thought they would make great vases, 
but I did't buy any.

I am kicking myself for not buying any of these.  the largest one was only $5.

These would make good planters or would look great with a few of them grouped together on a shelf.  

Now here's where it gets scary.  Some of you "new furniture only" shoppers 
might want to cover your eyes.  

I was feeling a little defeated since I didn't find anything.
However, as I made my way to my car, I decided to venture over here....

They obviously keep the "good stuff" out here.  
I normally avoid this area like the plague, but since I was doing some research, I dove right in.

Peeking out from behind all the fabulous finds out here (insert sarcasm), I found this little gem.

The hint of brass sparked my interest so I took a closer look. 

I lugged this beauty inside to inquire about the price.  
The nice woman behind the counter took one look at it and said, how about $3?  
SOLD to the crazy lady snapping I-phone pictures all over the thrift store.

As soon as I got home, I took it inside, gave a good wipe down and found a spot for it. 
The scale is a little off with the large frames above it, but the depth is perfect for this spot.

I plan to paint the shelves a glossy off white and leave the brass as it is.

Would you guess it was a $3 shelf had I not told you?


1.  Shop often 
(you never know what you might find)

2.  Shop on Monday and Tuesday 
(people tend to purge over the weekend and drop off their treasures on Saturday and Monday)

3.  Shop without expectations
(don't set out hoping to find the perfect size dining room table 
with just the right finish - you'll be disappointed every time)

4.  Don't be afraid to dig around 
(the good stuff is sometimes hidden behind the junk)

5.  Don't be afraid to negotiate
 (most often, the prices are firm, but it never hurts to ask)

6.  Be creative 
(items can often be repurposed, painted or repaired for a whole new look)

7.  Pick it up right away if you want it 
(I've had to learn this lesson the hard way)

8.  Be on the lookout for valuables 
(Occasionally, you will find something very valuable placed on the same shelf with all the other 
knick-knacks, priced low.  However, most often, the valuable items are locked up behind the counter)

9.  Shop thrift stores in affluent neighborhoods 
(wealthy people give away good stuff)

10.  Donate an item each time you buy an item 
(I am constantly bringing new items into our home,   and donating older items - it's refreshing!)

As I wrote this post, I was looking around my house and noticing that most 
all the items I love in my home have either come from a thrift store or an antique store. 
There is certainly something about the hunt that appeals to me, 
but I also love to surround myself with unique objects that tell a story. 

This weekend, I plan go around the house snapping pictures
of all my treasures and do a little photo collage. 
I'll share it with you next week. 

Also, here is a list of local thrift stores that I frequent.
Goodwill - Newport, KY 
Goodwill - Beechmont, OH
Goodwill - Hyde Park, OH
St. Vincent DePaul - Crescent Springs, KY
St. Vincent DePaul - Newport, KY
St. Vincent DPaul - Dayton, KY
St. Vincent DePaul - Mount Washington, OH
St. Vincent DePaul - Cincinnati, OH (off Mitchell Ave.)

I also pop into local "junk" stores now and then and hit up antique stores when I can.
What used to be a hobby for me has now turned into a business.  
I love that I get to hunt for treasures for other people's homes now too. 

I understand that thrifting is not for everyone. 
But tell me, if you have never set foot in a thrift store, did I convince you to do so?


  1. Great find! I have a similar shelf in my foyer found at an estate sale for $15! Mine has woven wood strip shelves with brass - I think they are twins!

  2. your gem was totllay worth the dive!!! love it!

  3. I am here in central KY and though I thrift a bit, the selection isn't as good as yours!!!!! I like the shelf you picked up and I would have bought a couple of those blue/white items as well. Great advice also!

  4. That looks exactly like our Goodwill I often hit ~ your newest score looks awesome!

  5. Great post, Andrea!! I am totally weirded out by that painting of the couple. Who donates that to a thrift store??? I think you should buy it and then give it to someone in your family as a joke Christmas present!! It's making me laugh just to think about one of my brothers opening that up and not know if it is a joke or not….that awkward moment before I let on :)

    Thanks for all the tips, I wander through thrift stores all the time but don't but very often because it's kind of overwhelming sometimes!

  6. I bought an identical shelf unit years ago for only $1 - in the same condition as yours. I didn't have your foresight because it's in the back of our garage holding empty flowerpots. Perhaps I need to re-think this treasure. Thanks for the inspiration.


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