The wall in our stairwell has been bothering me since we moved in to our home.
I initially hung a few of our travel prints there, but was never quite happy with the look.

A few months ago, I took them all down.
The wall sat naked for quite some time and every time I went up or down the stairs 
(about 50 times a day), I cringed. 

I recently ran into Pottery Barn and noticed these large, square, gold frames hiding in the corner.  
I picked them up and noticed they were on sale for $31.99.  Not too bad since they were 18"x18".
To make a long story short, I bought four that day (and they happened to be on clearance for $21.99)
I then proceeded to call all over the country to hunt down nine more (five for me and four for a client).
Where there's a will, there's a way!  
The smaller square frames came from Ikea and I'll tell you all about those at the end of the post.

Now for some pretty pictures....

 I risked my life on a ladder and hung everyone of these all by myself. 

The frames are filled with prints/postcards/artwork from places we have traveled to 
or hope to travel to someday.

I really wanted to fill up the wall, but keep some frames open for future adventures. 
So I printed out maps or artwork from destinations we hope to visit someday
and I added "Adventure Awaits" to the bottom.

I have two more small frames to add here, but my 5 foot 3 self couldn't quite reach.
I'll con my husband into doing it someday soon.

The frames came without mats.  I simply turned over the cover sheets 
to show the sheets and taped the art on top.
Someday I'll have mats cut for them.

I would love to eventually fill up the wall over the window and the wall to the left of the window.

I love that you can see them from the foyer.

I never could find the Pottery Barn frames on their website. 
But I found these 12x12 frames at Ikea.
Of course, I had to add some rub n buff to them.

Ten of them, in fact.

Now, instead of cringing, I get excited every time I walk up and down these stairs.
Each time I pass by, I think back on all the fun adventures we have taken over the years
or I dream about the adventures that await us.

I finally got my camera back.  It was in the repair shop for almost six weeks 
and it ended up costing more than a week's worth of groceries to have it repaired. 
I sure wasn't happy about that, but I am thrilled that I can stop using my Iphone as my camera. 

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Fantastic Andrea! Love the idea of making the gallery about your travels!

  2. love it! my favorite frames are from PB. One thing I won't skimp on!

  3. This looks great! Love the pops of color and the unity the frames bring. I'm wondering if you might have been able to find more of those prints at the Pottery Barn Outlet? No matter now - love it!

  4. The gallery looks GREAT Andrea! Love the composition of it and the theme……especially the "adventure awaits" idea!! I am thinking of doing something with all of our family travel for our basement (which remains an insane asylum with absolutely nothing on the walls). I will definitely use your idea of awaiting adventures! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Such a great statement it makes with those big white mats (shhh)! I know I'd love walking by that gallery of memories every time I went up and down, I love the adventure awaits, too!

  6. Looks fabulous!! I bet you smile each time you see this wall now. And I love the idea of using places you want to visit - what a nice reminder of adventures to come.

  7. it looks amazing!!!! LOVE the sleek frames!

  8. love!! I want to do that in the hall with family pictures

  9. Love this gallery wall and your new rug!!!


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