I will have to eat my words from exactly one year ago today, 
when I declared to all the world that I had found  "THE" rug for my foyer.  
This rug, to be exact.....

Unfortunately, it turned out to be "THE TEMPORARY" rug for just about a year. 
I loved the colors and the size was perfect, but the quality was not that great.
Our foyer gets a ton of traffic and my kid spill things A LOT!

The good news is that my sweet little puppy chewed a hole in the carpet in our playroom.
Oh wait, that was not good news.  I was not happy about that all!
However, because of the new hole in the carpet (well two holes if you want to get technical),
I had a place to put the multi-colored chevron rug.
You're following me, right? 
 I put the rug upstairs in the playroom, to cover up the holes in the carpet.

Which leads to the even better news, a new rug now resides in the foyer. 

This rug, to be exact.....

I ordered it from this ebay seller

I know it's always a little risky buying something like a rug without seeing or touching it, 
but I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered this one.

With a new rug, came a new color for the front door.
I used Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue.  
Our door was painted a deep red color
and I was never truly in love with it. 
The brick on our house is a deep red/orangey color and 
the door blended it, but I wanted it to stand out.
It stands out now!

Now that I'm in the changing mood, I've got my eye on that powder room.
Stay tuned.......


  1. Wythe Blue is one of my all time favorite colors! Love the new foyer rug too. Maybe I should get a puppy so that he/she could facilitate some well placed chews and new pieces in my home!!!!!

  2. Love that blue too! Sure...blame it on the dog :)

  3. The colors in the rug are so perfect in your house, with the bit of red in the art in your dining room, and the blues and greens. Looks so pretty with the front door color next to it!!

  4. I love the new rug! And Wythe Blue has always been a fav! Bet it looks great with your red brick too.

  5. Oooo.... That is a gorgeous blue! The rug is pretty fab too. You crack me up. I laughed when I read your title :D

  6. I'm loving it! The rug is FANTASTIC - and the door color is gorgeous. I'm eyeing doing a deep stain on our front doors, but I'm a wee bit intimidated, so I'm working up to it. Glad you took a chance on the rug - rugs are so tricky, and I have such a hard time making up my mind and also trying to keep the budget under control! It's a fine balance!

  7. Love the new door color and the rug is stunning. Great design and color. Don't forget, you can still link up to Inspire Me Tuesday - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/07/171st-inspire-me-tuesday.html Hugs, Marty

  8. Ahhh, perfection. It all worked out the way it was supposed to. My husband says I have a "Rug Problem". I move them around...alot. LOL!


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