Remember when I went on a little thrifting adventure, 
all in the name of research, of course, for my thrifting tips post?

I almost came home empty handed. 
At the last second, I spied a hideous metal shelf in the parking lot.
This hideous metal shelf......

I gave it a good wipe down and then temporarily placed it here....

I knew the scale was off, but I liked how it made the space feel cozy.
I got a little antsy a few weeks ago when it rained for days on end and I fixed this mistake.

First I spray painted the shelves a glossy white.

And then I moved it to the opposite wall.

I added a little plant to the corner.

And dug some art out of the attic to hang over it.

This is my very favorite spot in the house to curl up and relax now 
and I love that I can just reach over and grab a book.

This is where the barn door will eventually go.  Yep, I'm still dragging my feet on that one.

Ahhh, much better.

I have a love/hate relationship with that love seat.  
I love that it is so unbelievably comfortable, but I hate those big awkward arms and those loose pillows.
One of these days, it will mysteriously disappear
(probably when the kids are at school and my husband is out of town).
I know how much they like surprises!

So what kind of decorating mistakes have you fixed lately?


  1. I love this. The shelf is reall a neat piece and painting it white is so pretty. It looks good in it's new space. You've created a really cozy little spot. I would love for you to link this up to my Inspire Me Tuesday party that is live now. - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/07/bathroom-reveal-done-for-now.html Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the pop of modern in the traditional room! The white and gold really pop now! Great job!

  3. I love how you have rethought your spaces and made this area into a cozy little nook. That would be my favorite spot if I lived in your house too!! I bet your family ends up hanging out there all the time. Also it looks like the perfect place for a glass of wine and chit chat with a friend…..I'll be right over :) :) :)

  4. You crack me up. I'm digging that little metal shelf! I hear you on the love/hate with the love seat, only because loose pillows are my nemesis right now. While I encourage creativity with my kids, I wish my kids didn't use them for their forts, through them on the floor, etc...

  5. I'm always amazed at what paint can do to transform a piece. Looks awesome with the white shelves! I feel you on the loose pillows thing. I'm SOOOOO tired of them being launched all over the place and having to rearrange them any time I want to use the couch. But, they do make it so snugly :)

  6. oh yes! the glossy white was perfect for it!

  7. My husband doesn't even notice anymore when I get rid of furniture and bring in something new, ha! I bet you could sell it on Craigslist in a heartbeat with that great photo! The white was a great call, too!

  8. I have this exact shelf in my garage. It was a freebie. I love the white.

    Love the white shelves. Any tips for painting?


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