I am all about simple solutions.  
If a project involves more than 10 minutes and a few tools, count me out.
Recently, I came up with two simple solutions that helped make life a little easier. 

First up, shoe storage....... 

I would not call myself a "shoe person" by any means, but a girl has got to have options. 
My OPTIONS were starting to crowd the shoe closet.  
It was time to get inventive.
This time an old curtain rod came to the rescue. 

This new storage method makes it easy to keep all my summer shoes on display.

I generally switch out my shoes seasonally. 
I store the off season shoes in the top of my closet, with the exception of the boots. 
In hindsight, I should have had them build the shelves a little closer together. 

My other simple solution involves my need for clear countertops.  
Nothing puts me over the edge faster than having clutter all over the counter tops.  
Yes, I'm aware, I have issues. 
My kids love to get a cup out of the cabinet, fill it with water, take a sip, sit it down and forget about it. 
When they get thirsty again, they get another clean cup out, fill it with water, take a sip, sit it down and forget about it. This cycle would continue all day long. 

Finally, I outsmarted them. I got out my trusty chalkboard tray, assigned them each a spot and gave them strict instructions to put their cup in their spot after each use. 

It sits on the countertop, out of the way, and has saved my sanity this summer. 
I exaggerate a bit!

There you have it, my two simple solutions.
Do you have any you'd like to share?


  1. You are brilliant my friend! The curtain rod is perfect, and good call on the glasses. My husband leaves his cups everywhere. Drives me nuts.

  2. Ha! Let us know how that cup thing woks for you, my teenagers leave them all over the house so this won't work for us but I think it's super cute!
    I keep saying one of these days my shoes will get organized.. I love your idea with the rod.. why not?

  3. Can you hear me chuckling??? The glasses on the counter thing puts me over the edge on a daily basis around hear, your solution is brilliant, now to execute! Wish I had room for shoe shelves in my closet, but alas I must try something as my shoes have created a jungle in mine, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You smart cookie!! I can already see the glass sitting next to the tray at my house! :)

  5. My blog today and yours above are similar. We both like organization!

  6. I used a drapery rod in my closet too! So perfect for heels!

  7. So smart - both of your solutions! I am definitely stealing that curtain rod trick for my closet - thank you! My kids have Tervis tumbler cups their grandparents gave them that have a little emblem on them - one for each of them. Despite that they use up every cup and glass in the house over the course of the day - makes me crazy!!! (good thing they're cute :)

  8. It's not that impressive but my simple solution is to open the mail right away and open it next to the trash! I immediatly throw out anything that is junk mail, pay the bill that day (and usually right from my phone), and pile my boyfriend's mail next to his wallet and keys. It has reduced clutter drastically!!!


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