I get the pleasure of spending the whole week with this guy.
Okay, yes, I pretty much spend everyday with him, but this week, it's just him.
We sent the oldest and youngest to my parent's house for the week.
Having three children, we often try to spend one on one time with each of them,
but having a whole week all to himself is going to be pretty special.

We started the week off by making a trip downtown to see Lumenocity.  

I realize that listening to the Orchestra and Symphony 
may not be a the top of every nine year old boy's list, but this guy was a real trooper.  

Maybe it had something to do with the amazing light show and
the impressive lego replica of Music Hall.

The highlight of his week, most likely, was the trip to King's Island yesterday.

We have season passes and I take him often, but, you see, I'm not a roller coaster rider.
I sat this trip out and he and his daddy got to spend some one on one time together. 
Even though it will require a few follow-up trips to the chiropractor for my husband,
he braved the big rides and made our son one happy little boy.
It was a good day!

We have plenty more fun planned this week and it truly makes my heart swell 
knowing how excited my son is about this time we have together.
I sure hope we can make this an annual thing. 

Alright, off to watch some Shark Week episodes we DVRd.
The fun continues!


  1. i love having one on one time like that with my kids! awesome!

  2. That will mean so much in later years to your children....one on one makes them feel special.

  3. Love this! What great memories you are making. Enjoy!

  4. I love that you intentionally make 1 on 1 time with your kids! I need to do more of that! It happens occasionally around here by chance, but I would love to have each child be the center of attention for a few days. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!!

  5. since I only have one on one time do you think your parents would mind if I sent Annie to their house??


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