So sorry to leave you hanging on Friday with all of those ugly before pictures.
Bad blogger!  

As promised, I have some pretty after pictures for you.  
My favorite part of the whole project was, of course, making it look pretty.

Here you go!  I'll start with the porch.....

Even though we only extended the porch by approximately four feet, 
it made the whole space feel so much larger.

It also gave us enough space to add a small table with chairs to the porch.

Until it recently got bitterly cold, this was the perfect spot to eat breakfast and read the paper.

With the extra space, we were also able to add two chairs to the seating area.

The brick walls around the porch were replaced with white wood rails.
And new Timbertech steps were added.

Just off the porch is a new paver patio.  
Sure beats the old, ugly concrete pad that used to cover the backyard.

There are two levels of the patio.  
At the top is a table.

New sod was added along with trees that will eventually provide privacy.

The bottom level of the patio is where the fireplace will go.
Right now, we just have some chairs around our old fire pit. 

Once the fireplace is built, it too will provide some privacy.

This was the plan we started with.
Other than a few changes with landscaping, we stayed pretty true to the original plan.

We are very thankful for this space.   
I'm already looking forward to some warmer temperatures to we can get out there and enjoy it.

Thank you for following along during this project.
There were definitely some bumps along the way, 
but this was a long time coming and we are so happy to have it all finished.

Have a great week.
Count your blessings and be thankful!

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  1. Nothing is better than a fabulous outdoor space! Love everything about yours from the comfy porch to the paver patios, it's perfect and well worth all of the bumps along the way!!!

  2. WOW! It's beautiful! I love the paver patio and the way the whole area just flows together so well. Perfect entertaining space! The fireplace will be the icing on the cake!

  3. Andrea, I love your outdoor patios and the different levels. Being a fan of the outdoor spaces, your space is just perfect and I look forward to seeing you stay warm with your outdoor fireplace big and small. Have a great week.

  4. Love the porch, it is fabulous and your landscaping and yard are amazing. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. WOW! it looks amazing! i love he tiers as well!

  6. Oh my goodness, it looks like a park out there. You were so smart to work with a real plan from the beginning. Gorgeous! Just imagine when spring comes around. :)

  7. Oh Andrea, you are going to live out there!!! What a well thought out space, I love the separated intimate areas and how it lends itself perfectly to gatherings of adults and kiddos! Wonderful job!

  8. Wow, I'm so jealous!!! Your outdoor space is beautiful! You could have some amazing get together's out there with all of the seating and tables you have. I love it!! We have been trying to decide how to do an outdoor covered area at our house too next to our pool. I think it will make such a huge difference.

  9. Andrea your outdoor space looks fabulous!! Love your covered porch!

  10. It looks awesome! Glad to finally see the after pictures! Can't wait to hang out there this spring.

  11. Your outdoor space is beautiful! It has me longing for Spring already!

  12. Holy moly!!!! Jaw on the floor gorgeous. I can't get over all of that space! There are definitely going to be some parties going on at your place :)


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