I love playing musical chairs. 
Keeps things interesting around here. 

Remember I told you I scored four bentwood chairs (and a butcher block table).
I bought the chairs to use at our dining room table. 
I am still on the lookout for two more.

Let's just pretend you don't see my pathetic looking jade plant in the background.
The houseplant you can't kill - HA!  Apparently I can.

I like the dining room to feel very casual and welcoming.  
I don't want people to be afraid to come in, eat a meal and relax.  
Sometimes formal dining rooms can be intimidating and 
I certainly don't want any rooms in my home to give off that vibe. 

So come on over, pull up a bentwood chair and make yourself at home.

Curious where the chrome and wicker chairs went?
Stop by tomorrow for another game of musical chairs!


  1. i love the casual and inviting look, too! looks perfect! i love the wing chairs with it!

  2. I agree with the informal dining - makes people feel comfortable and at home. My whole house is like that - love your style. Make sure you aren't over watering the jade - they need very little water - I finally had success with my jade and aloe vera plant (similar type) by watering them only once per month ! (Desert plants)......

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