I go in spurts where I am out and about a ton and then 
I need a break from it all and I hibernate in my house for days on end. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was out and about quite a bit. 
First stop on this edition Field Trip Friday, the Ballard Design Outlet. 
I love this place and I try to stop in as often as possible. 

They always fun great sales.  On this particular day all the lighting was 50% off.  
Here a few that I fond of. 

Another place I like to hit up often is a little consignment shop in Cincinnati called Astute Furnishings.
They are pretty choosey when it comes to what they will accept on consignment. 
They always have beautiful art an antiques. 

I fell in love with this dresser and especially the hardware.
Wish I had a place for it.  

I'm adding this Batik art to my Christmas wish list.  
Uhm, hint, hint, husband.

Yes, both of them.... 

I spied this beautiful bentwood chair.
It was more than I wanted to spend, but I sure did love that stenciled seat.

Just down the street from Astute Furnishings is Quince and Quinn.  
I couldn't find one thing in that store that I didn't want to take home with me. 

For example, these chairs.
I obviously have a thing for chairs. 

And how about these cool chairs. They would be perfect in a masculine office.

This stripe settee and botanical pillows greets you as you walk in the store.

They carry the Hicks Pendant and many other gorgeous fixtures. 

There are plenty of luxurious leather chairs to choose from.

They have a great selection of decorative paper on display too.

I couldn't help but stop and salivate over these malachite pillows.

Two of these large wooden urns would be beautiful flanking a fireplace.

Don't even get me started on the amazing rugs they have.

After leaving Quince and Quinn empty handed, I headed a little further North to Home Emporium.
They had plenty of great furniture, but it was the dhurrie ottomans that caught my eye that day.

They were $99 each.

Now that the crazy holiday shopping season is upon us, you won't find me out and about much.
Amazon.com is my friend these days.
I just signed up for Amazon Prime and if I could order milk and bread from them,
I wouldn't leave my house until January. 

Speaking of not leaving my house, it looks like our first winter storm is coming. 
Wonder if you can buy red wine on Amazon Prime.


  1. I can so relate to this post today. I do the exact same thing, run, run, run and then crash! Today is definitely a day for hibernation here in PA. And I just finished ordering some presents on Amazon. Was wondering about the Prime but didn't do it today. I was considering a Target run but sweatpants, coffee and a good book are forcing me to not leave the house in the rain! (But I will drive to the bus stop so the children don't need to walk in the rain) Enjoy your weekend! A Ballard outlet....I'm so jealous! And those rugs, oh my!

  2. Oh my! I see that urn as a side table - with a round piece of glass next to my favorite reading chair with a glass of wine on it delivered by Amazon Prime. :D

  3. it is so hard in this season of giving not to be wanting. i want it all.

  4. I'm so jealous of your Ballard outlet too! But, we are finally getting a Homegoods! Yay!

  5. I swear, one of these days I'm going to run into you at Ballard! I picked up some lamp shades when I was there last time. This close to picking up a white slipcover for my chair, but decided it would only stay clean for half a second with the kids being the main users of it. MUST check out Home Emporium, and I still can't wait to hit Bargains and Buyouts in Hamilton!

    Chilling at home with the nasty weather outside! Amazon is my BFF this time of year. ;-)

  6. Wow. I could just take one of everything.

  7. Oh, I LOVE those ottomans!! I hardly ever have a day that I don't leave the house, even in crummy weather. I can't imagine not leaving for a few days. Happy weekend, Andrea!

  8. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  9. I just had to sneak into Quince & Quinn last week when I was in town..... AMAZING!!! A beautiful space and so inspiring. Enjoy your online shopping.... I seem to be best friends with One Kings Lane these days! :)

  10. A Ballard Outlet?!!! I've gotta see if there's one near me! Probably won't be, and that's a good thing.

  11. Andrea, I had no idea that you were a Cincinnati girl!! We just moved from Cincinnati this summer and while there are lots of great shopping sources in CT, I miss my old shopping haunts in Cinci, especially Quince & Quinn. I ate up all of the great eye candy in this post!


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