I promised in yesterday's post to show you where the wicker and chrome chairs ended up landing.
The didn't move far.  Just around the corner and through the kitchen to the family room.

I do like all the texture in this little area, but not so sure about all the brown.
The table came from my parents.  I shared many meals at this table with my family.
It now serves as more of a homework, craft, board game spot.
I don't want to paint it. 
However, I love what Shelley did to her table
Might be an option.

Just for kicks, here a some of the other chairs that have temporarily lived at this table.
We bought these chairs about 16 years ago 
and stained them ourselves in our tiny one bedroom apartment.
They served us well over the years, but I was ready for a change.


In came these old wood and metal school chairs that I bought at an antique show for $10 each.
I loved them here, but they sat a bit low and made us all feel really short when we sat at the table.
They are currently residing in several different rooms around the house.

Even though little Willee had his way with the corner of one (or two) 
of these wicker and chrome chairs, I still love them and they are super comfortable. 
I think they will stick around, at least for now.

I've been busy decking the halls around here. Looking forward to giving you a tour soon.
Be sure to stop by on Monday, December 9th 
for the start of the Twelve Days of Christmas - Tour of Homes.


  1. I love that table and the whole area. And how special that you grew up with that table! I can't believe you have 3 sets of chairs. I love them all and wish I could come shop at your house :)
    We are in desperate need of chairs but I keep waiting to run into the "perfect ones" that are indestructible and also appeal to me. I saw chairs very similar to your wicker & chrome numbers, but in leather, at the Restore and now you've got me rethinking them!

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  3. I love the bleached table! Looks awesome!

  4. I just love those wicker and chrome chairs. I remember seeing something similar once and kick myself now for not getting them. You should totally do the bleached look on the table! I ended up putting a coat of polyacrylic over the wax. Now it's indestructible. Bring it kids!


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