Call us crazy, but we are going to cross the border with these three.

 These look more like mug shots than passport photos.

The latest adventure involves Mexico and, most certainly, a few margaritas for me. 

Funny, when I told them to go get themselves ready to have passport pictures taken this happened:
- my eleven year old daughter showered, put on nice clothes and braided her hair
- my nine year old son skipped the shower and put semi decent, but clean clothes
- my seven year old threw himself on the ground and protested the mere idea of putting on clothes
(three outfits later, he declared himself along with the maple syrup on his face ready to go)

We still have plenty of room on the "Travel Wall" for more adventures. 

Clearly, I'l be praying about this upcoming excursion.


  1. ha ha ha!!!! love the reactions! you guys will have a blast!

  2. Oh my gosh what a fabulous way to start off the new year!!!!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

  3. You will have a blast!!! So fun to take the kids to places far and wide and expand their horizons. They may not always love it in the moment, but they will look fondly upon those experiences in the future.

  4. That sounds fantastic! My husband and I went to Mexico several years ago (first time for both of us), and loved it even more than we expected. One caution - when people say don't drink the water, they're *right*. ;-)

  5. Que bueno!! What a fun adventure for your family, Andrea!

  6. I live in Texas and pretty much take Mexico for granted! It's always there, always gonna be there...I did go to Acapulco after I graduated high school with about 40 other teenagers a few brave adults! We had the time of our lives. Take tons of pics, be careful what you eat and DON'T DRINK THE WATER! Nothing can ruin a vacay faster than Montezuma's revenge!

  7. How fun! One of the things on my bucket list this year is to get my passport - just in case! My hubby has his because of work but I've never had one. And one of my dreams is to go to Enland and France and Ireland and Germany and Italy and... so to start I better get a passport - right?!

  8. Excellent! My hubs and I went to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) for the first time ever last summer for our 10th anniversary and what an experience. We stayed at a beautiful resort just outside of town and went into town a few times to experience the Mexican night life.

  9. How fun! And I love your travel wall so much ..........still trying to find a spot in my home to replicate this.


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