I have been on an "Out and About" spree lately.  Mostly, shopping for clients.  
It's always nice to spend other people's money!  My husband whole heartedly agrees. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye.....

This 5x8 dhurrie rug from Homegoods would be perfect just about anywhere. 

Moving onto Home Emporium (one of my favorite stores). 
This rug had my heart going pitter patter.  
I snapped a picture and immediately sent it to a friend.
I knew it would be perfect for her family room.

She agreed!  Here is the rug in its new home.
Isn't it lovely?

I always pause at a good pair of chairs. 
Loved the look of these, but they sit straight up.  Not so comfy. 

This pair was definitely more comfortable and I like the neutral linen upholstery. 

There were several of these leather chairs. Very masculine leather, but the feminine lines are so pretty.

This one is a little more substantial. 
I was digging the distressed leather. 

Pretty glass bottles ($29 each).

I know I have blogged about these poufs before, but they had a whole big pile of them last week.
$99 is a great price too.  They are quite a big bigger than the ones you see at Target.

I don't have a place for these over-dyed patchwork pillows, but I'm a big fan. ($39 each)

This would be SWEET over a pool table.

I was tempted to buy one of these, but couldn't quite figure out what I would use it for.  ($29)

They had several of these large dining tables. I like the look of them, but the wood was very uneven.  
I was picturing many spilled drinks.

This little love seat wasn't the softest, but the lines are pretty and tufting always draws my attention. 

I am always tempted by the beautiful things I see when out and about.
Lately, I have been practicing restraint.
I need to focus on getting rid of some of the beautiful things I already own. 

I am planning to have my "Tag Sale" this Saturday from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
I will have several lamps, lamp shades, chairs, other furniture, rugs, picture frames, etc. for sale.
I already responded to those who expressed interest in coming, but if you want to stop 
by to take a look, email me here and I will give you more details.

Oh, and speaking of being out and about, my husband and I 
went to a concert on a school night last night, the Southern Soul Assembly.
It was A-MAZING.
I have been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime and this was one of my all time favorites. 
If the show is coming to a city near you, go see it!


  1. i want that first leather chair- i know..... it's another chair! ;)

  2. Oh you are killing me with this store! I need one of everything and 2 sets of those leather wing backs!

  3. I'll take one of everything! Love this store.

  4. Good finds Andrea! I can't wait to get to that Home Emporium one day. Ikea has some great new rug offerings as well. Good luck with your sale today!


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