Mixing metals is always a great idea.   
I know this used to be frowned upon, but nowadays, it is a big part of a good design.
Silver or brushed nickel was very popular for a while, then oil rubbed bronze took over.
In case you didn't know, brass is back. 
I, for one, sure hope it is here to stay.  

We have mixed metals all over our home, 
but just recently I made a few changes in the master bathroom that include mixing silver and gold.

This Pottery Barn silver towel bar has been here since the mater bathroom renovation 
was done back in 2009. I added the two botanicals in black and gold frames.
I also added the small demilune table that I "rub n' buffed".

There is not a ton of space between the tub and the wall, but the small demilune fits
perfectly and makes for a nice spot to park a glass of wine while taking a bath.

Lastly, I added a silver soap dish and one of my favorite pictures of the kids.
Ah, those sweet little smiles and big fat cheeks.

I don't want to insinuate that silver and bronze are not cool.  
I have plenty of silver, bronze and gold all over my home. 
First, second or third place metals are all winners in my book. 

How about you.  Are you a fan of mixing metals?


  1. I am such a huge fan of mixing metals and you have done it so perfectly. That demilune is lovely in that space and the glass of wine whilst taking a long luxurious bubble bath sounds pretty amazing too!
    Your babies - oh my. They are such cuties!!!!!

  2. First, I love your beautiful bathroom and that gorgeous floor! I'm a big metal mixer over here, too!

  3. i love mixing metals and LOVE that towel bar!

  4. Yep, you're spot on! And I love the wall color in your bathroom.


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