A couple of weekends ago, we traveled to my hometown of Morganfield, Kentucky. 
We made the trip to attend the wedding of my beautiful cousin, Kailin. 
We also managed to squeeze in my nephew's birthday party, 
the local high school football game and a day at annual Corn Festival.  
It was a jammed packed, fun filled, memory making kind of weekend. 

My favorite part was getting to see this amazing couple begin their journey as husband and wife. 
I already mentioned that Kailin is beautiful - 
like, jaw dropping, stops you in your tracks kind of beautiful. 
And she has the personality to match. 
Here are a few of my favorite photos from her wedding day. 

All photos were taken by Rachel Houser of Rachel Houser Photography

I mean, seriously, how sweet are these two. 

May aunt and uncle, parents of the bride, are responsible for the fabulous decorations. 
They are one talented couple. 

We are blessed to have been able to be a part of their magical day.

Switching gears:
Thank you to all who entered the $100 Staples Gift Card Giveaway.
The winner is Sarah from 702 Park Project.

I know my posts have been quite sporadic. 
I appreciate you hanging in there with me. 
I have another fun giveaway coming up next week.


  1. What a stunning bride, apparently beauty runs in your family!!!!!! The reception venue looks lovely!!!

  2. What a lovely bride/wedding, love the pictures ! :)

  3. Holy moly. That is one gorgeous couple and wedding.


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