Lately my days have been filled with design work and PTO duties. 
All work and no play is makes for a long week. 
So I usually try to make time for lunch with a friend or a little window shopping.

A couple weeks ago, I got lucky and went to lunch two days in a row with two good friends. 
After lunch, we stopped in a a few of our favorite spots. 

Homegoods is always full of fun surprises. I only stop in there about once a month.
I love that their inventory is always fresh.

Another place I love to pop into from time to time is Tuesday Morning. 
You never know what you might find.  
On this particular day, the rug selection was great. 

My favorite place to window shop is High Street Market.
I love just about everything in the store.
They just expanded and now carry a nice selection of furniture upstairs.

 Do these look familiar?  
They are framed pages from this book.  
I have a few framed in my home. 
I bought the book at Quince and Quinn (another of my favorite window shopping spots).
These were $89 each at High Street Market. 

They had quite a few needlepoints to choose from.  I am a sucker for a good needlepoint.

Their pillow selection is amazing.  
Speaking from experience, if your kids wipe their dirty hands on your pillows, 
a $200 pillow is not a good idea. 

This table stopped me in my tracks.  

This burled wood quarter foil side table got my attention too. 

These restoration hardware looking metal and glass cabinets 
would make great display cases for a collection.

Clearly I had coffee tables on my radar that day. 

This brass number was my favorite.  Looks pretty indestructible too.  
A requirement for a coffee table in our home.


  1. Those coffee tables are amazing! I always enjoy seeing the items you spot on your shopping trips. I went to the new Bargains and Buyouts yesterday - appears that they were pretty well cleaned out with their grand opening on Saturday. One of the guys who works there said that they sold HALF of their stuff on Saturday! They're filling back up, but it was kind of a bummer that I couldn't get there when they were fully stocked!

  2. oooh i love those needlepoints! and YES those tables! swoon!

  3. High Street is a gimme - right? What's not to love? You have a great eye for finds at HG. Really liked the selections - you zoom in on the good stuff. I end up with a box of thank you notes or something. J.W.


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