My Next Little Project

I am not one to enjoy sitting still for too long.  I always need to be doing something.  My close friends and family know this about me and often tease me about always being involved in some sort of project. 

A few months ago, I waked into a consignment store and I saw this bergere chair pictured below.  It might as well have had a a sign on it that read "MY NEXT LITTLE PROJECT".  I snatched it up right away, (for a steal) knowing it would look great in my daughter's room.  Loved the style and it was in great condition, but the floral fabric would never work in her room.  I searched and searched for fabric to cover it in, and last week I finally found it.  It was obviously meant to be, because it was a remnant (on clearance) and there was just enough to cover the chair.  I plan to paint the wood on the chair a cream color and then have it reupholstered.  

Here it is in it's current state (sitting in the guest room, waiting patiently to be reinvented). 

This is how I hope it turns out. 

The fabric I bought looks exactly like the fabric on this chair.   I suppose I could have just purchased this chair for a mere $999.  Yikes!  No, not me.  I thoroughly enjoy the hunt and you know I love to see something transformed.  After buying the chair, the fabric and paying the upholsterer, I will have only forked over a small fraction of what the $999 chair costs.  

I plan to do a post on the before and after of my daughter's room, but I am getting ready to make some changes in there.  I'll wait until it's all finished and hopefully the new/old chair will be sitting proudly in the corner of the room by then.  I'm sure the suspense is killing you!  


  1. Oooh so pretty! Great find. Can't wait to see it with the new fabric! :)

  2. where did you find the fabric by chance?

  3. Any idea of the chair brand?


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