Timeless and Classic

I'm talking about tile, but I think these two words describe my decorating style pretty well also.  I try not to be too trendy when it comes to decorating.  Maybe some pillows or an accessory that can be easily replaced when I tire of it, but when it comes to the big stuff, I stick to classic.

Many years ago, while wedding dress shopping with my mom, I said "I want a simple, classic dress that will never go out of style." My mom's response was "Just how many times to you plan on wearing this dress?".  Of course, only once, but when I look back at our wedding pictures, it's hard to determine what year or even what decade we were married.

When shopping for tile during our renovation, I knew I wanted something simple and something that looked like it could have been original to the house.  Subway tile, of course.  Every picture I collected for inspiration for our kitchen and bathroom incorporated subway tile in some fashion.  We used it for our kitchen backsplash, our fireplace surround and our master bathroom shower.  I personally don't think you can go wrong with subway tile.  I can't imagine I will ever tire of it.

Here are a few pictures of how it is used in our home.

The kitchen backsplash is made up of 2"x8" cream subway tile (with a slight crackle finish).  For some visual interest, we had a herringbone pattern added behind the stovetop.

The fireplace surround is done in 2"x4" carrera marble subway tile.  It is also on the hearth.

The master bathroom shower is done in a 2"x8" carrera marble subway tile.  Again, for some visual interest, we added the horizontal black accent tile all the way around the shower.

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  1. Looks great... who did your tile work?

  2. You should add links on the right with all your contractors and craftspeople who did the work on your house. Then, you can just refer everyone to those links instead of having to type it over and over again. :-)

  3. Perfect timing Andrea! Tile selection is on my list! Love yours.

  4. WOW. You have some GREAT style girl. These are all of my favorite kinds of tile. GORGEOUS :)


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