Making it My Own

Well, what I should say is "My mom making it my own".  I desperately wish I could sew.  My parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, and I have used it a few times, but I have no idea what I am doing.  My mom, her mom, her mom's mom, and my dad's mom are and were all amazing seamstresses.  I'm pretty sure the reason I never learned to sew is because it requires a great amount of patience, something I have always lacked.  Anyway, fortunately, my mom is super talented and always kindly obliges when I ask her to whip up something for me.  Take for example, this lovely slipcover she made for an ottoman in our living room.  

Here is her creation. 

This is what is underneath the nifty slipcover.  My sister scored this for me at furniture store in her town that was going out of business ($49).  I knew I needed something large for this space and since we had recently been to the ER twice with my four year old(once for an incident with our previous coffee table), I also knew I wanted something kid friendly.

I placed this wooden tray on top to give it a coffee table feel.

I added a few eggs and the cute little bird for Spring.

I found four yards of the fabric, on clearance, of course
and we used leftover wool from the chairs shown in this post to make the piping.

My mom and I make a pretty good team.  I dream up the ideas and she turns them into reality.
Oh how I wish she lived closer, and not just so she could sew things for me.  

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  1. High 5 to you and MOM...love it, very classy!

  2. Wow! I love it - so sharp looking. I hear you on the sewing thing. My mom is a wonderful seamstress as well, and I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. I love the idea of sewing, but usually end up completely flustered in a matter of moments when I sit down at my sewing machine.

  3. Andrea, you sound just like me. I bought a machine and have used it three times in a year. I don't have patience either and it just doesn't come easy to me like painting does. That ottoman was a terrific deal and it looks good both ways. Your mom did a great job on that slipcover.

  4. Love your new coffee table ottoman. You are so lucky to have a sewing mom!! My 10 year old daughter is a better sewer than I am but I'm learning (and this slipcover is inspiring!)

  5. I just bought a wood box that I am going to transform into an ottoman and I am not quite sure how I want to do it. Can I borrow your mom?
    This gives me some good ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like the relationship I have with my mother. I come up with the sewing project and she makes it happen.

  7. What a great piece! I'm just glad I learned to sew when I was young from my mom and both of my grandmas. It's a great skill to have :)

  8. Wow! Lucky you, she's talented :) Looks good!

  9. I'm about to make an ottoman and this just gave me a fantastic idea! Mine is fat all the way to the bottom too and I love how your Mom made it look like a real ottoman. Sew clever! (wink)

  10. Very pretty, I love the color.


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