Good Riddance Red

A good friend of mine asked for some help in redecorating her living room.  

Here is the inspiration board I came up with. 

This is what her living room currently looks like.  
Two matching lamps would look great on the console behind the sofa.  I am definitely a thrift store shopper when it comes to lamps and since she lives just outside Manhattan, 
I'm sure she can score some fantastic lamps at a great price.
I would also suggest a piece of original art for over the mantel.  

I suggested she paint the deep red walls with Benjamin Moore Spring Blue. 
The drapes are high quality and neutral in color so they will be staying.  
The leather sofa will also be staying. 
New pillows from this fabric will look great on the sofa and help tie together all the colors in the room.  
At just $6.98/yard, it's a steal.  

For some added texture, a couple of these grecian pillows will also look great on the leather sofa.

She is going to paint the dark stained bookcases white. 
I suggested she paint the back of the bookshelves in Sherwin Williams Tempe Star.  
Something very similar to what John and Sherry from Young House Love  did.   
The cream club chairs will also be staying.  
These new pillows will really stand out in the cream chairs.   

She is planning to move the mirror to another room in the house and add a gallery wall with Ikea ribba frames on this wall.  There are a ton of doors leading into this room so furniture placement is tricky.  
The arrangement she currently has works best for traffic flow and conversation.  

I suggested she replace the black rug with this rug from West Elm.  
She also plans to replace the wood and iron coffee table, hopefully with an upholstered ottoman.

I sent my friend this inspiration board on Sunday night and by Monday at 5:00 p.m, she had the entire room painted in Benjamin Moore Spring Blue.  She is a WOMAN ON A MISSION!

Here's how it is looking so far.

I am loving the light and airy look.  I can't wait to see the rest of the changes.
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I really enjoyed putting together this inspiration board for her.
If you are stuck in a decorating rut and would like some fresh ideas for how to transform a room in your home, e-mail me here and I would happy to give you the details.  


  1. Pretty! How gratifying to have such an inspired friend to execute your plans. ;-) Can't wait to see the rest. I'm debating on painting the back of my bookshelves too - I'd like to, just not sure on the color yet.

  2. Awesome job! Love your plan and woman on a mission is right - does she want to come paint my kitchen :) I still have a thing for red walls but in this room the blue you chose is so much better. The fireplace is so cool and now it really stands out - I'd love to see her paint the mantel white to match the bookshelves she's going to paint. Also - I may have to buy those greek key pillows - I'm. in. love!

  3. What a difference the wall color makes. It's so funny how red is totally moving out of vogue now......10 or even 5 years ago it was everywhere. Love the blue you chose for the walls as well as the overall design!

  4. Great ideas! I love the lighter color in there. It really softens the room. I love how quickly she got to painting the new color. I'm eager to see how the rest of the room gets transformed.

    Have a great day.


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