Thankful Thursday

Next up for the Thankful Thursday series is Jenny from Evolution of Style.   Jenny's blog first caught my eye with the paneled headboard  she made for her daughter's room.  From there, I was hooked.  We have a lot in common and I am so thankful to have met her.  Oh wait, it's Jenny's turn to tell us what she's thankful for.  Take it away, Jenny!

I am a big blog fan of Oak Ridge Revival (her kitchen had me at "hello") and in keeping with the Thankful Thursday theme - a big thanks to Andrea for asking me to participate!  But I'm not counting that as one of my five things, okay?

I'm going to do this Wheel of Fortune style, where you automatically get five consonants and a vowel (R-S-T-L-N-E).  I am uber-thankful for my family, friends and faith.  For me, that goes without saying, and I think it's something that everyone ranks at the top of their Thankfulness List.  All three have gotten me through tough times in my life, so, I'll compromise and count this as my "R-S-T-L-N-E " and lump them together as the first item on my Thankful List.

Since family photo shoots cause me to break out in hives, this is truly the last professional photo we've had taken, and it was, um, three years ago.  Due for another.  Dreading it already.


I don't have many vices in my life, so I allow myself this one.  It is a must have as part of my daily life, and for that, I am truly thankful.  I actually just started drinking coffee in the past month or so, and am amazed at how quickly I have started craving the stuff.  I'm also a Diet Coke-a-holic.  I'm hoping the coffee will help wean me off some of the Diet Coke.


This may sound like a weird one, but it is the sanity time that I have in my life that brings me back to center, relieves my stress and clears my head.  And really, it's about the only Me Time I get on a daily basis.  Trust me when I tell you that if I don't get my daily dose of exercise endorphins, you'll know it (and you won't like me very much). 

Right now, I'm trying something new.  I'm on Week #2, and the workouts are great! 

I just realized that I said exercise was my "sanity time", yet I'm doing the "Insanity" workout.  So I guess Insanity keeps me sane. :-)


When I say home, I mean more than just the structure.  Yes, I love my house, and am so very thankful that we have this wonderful roof over our heads.  But it is also a sanctuary, a haven and a safe and happy place to raise our family, and I'm very thankful to have that.

Peace and Quiet

I mean this in the most fundamental of ways.  With a husband, three kids and a dog, our house is LOUD.  And I know someday I will miss that daily noise.  But right now, I really relish the quiet when I'm fortunate enough to get it.  A time where my kids aren't fighting, and I can go to the bathroom without someone yelling "MOM!!!" is a little slice of heaven.  (Bonus if someone took the time to put the toilet paper on the roll).

Thanks again Andrea for including me on this fun series!  Come and visit me on Evolution of Style.

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