From Boring to Bold

This desk is the one I was referring to in this post as the desk that has lived all over our house (and our last house).  I originally bought the desk at an estate sale about six years ago.  It was super cheap and I knew we could use it somewhere.  I slapped on some khaki paint that we had sitting around and then proceeded to move it from room to room and house to house for the next six years.  

It is nothing fancy, just kind of blends in and doesn't bother anyone.

When the "deal of a lifetime piano" arrived recently, the desk had to be moved once again.  
This time it landed it my daughter's newly redecorated room.  
The boring khaki just wasn't going to cut it in this vibrant, youthful room.  
The desk now sports the color of "rouge" by Sherwin Williams.  
 I know I already showed it to you, but thought you might want to see the difference a little can of paint makes. The dark wood and black metal chair also got a makeover with some white spray paint and a coat of "Stem Green" by Benjamin Moore. 

Now, I'm thinking I'll give the mirror in my daughter's bathroom an update with the "rouge" paint.
Brighten it up a bit in there!

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 It made her day (and mine)!

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  1. Love the bright pink! And I would totally go for it with the mirror!

  2. that is the perfect shade of red! Love the transformation, and I'd say go for it with the mirror too =)

  3. I love the desk and chair painted! What a different energy the color creates! What did you use to paint - brush, spray, etc? What exact colors?

  4. Cute, cute, Andrea. Would love to have it linked at the party.

  5. I love painted furniture, it's my new obsession! I'm a new blogger, come visit - harpsandollie.blogspot.com

  6. love the colors and they look great together!!

  7. This is adorable! Glad it got a new lease on life!


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