I'm sure most of you have seen this done before, but I am dying to do this in the fireplace 
in our living room.  We cannot burn wood in this fireplace.   
It has a gas line in it, but we have no plans to have gas logs installed.

Here it is currently. 

My heart was set on stacking logs in the entire box. Much like these inspiration pictures.  

                  Source: flickr.com via Andrea on Pinterest

                  Source: livecreatingyourself.com via Andrea on Pinterest

However, I have recently seen a lot of this.  
I have shredded old book pages to make a nest 
and I have torn pages out of old books to make a book page wreath
So why not stack old books in the fireplace?  
This would be an inexpensive project using books from a thrift store.  
Kind of unexpected, don't you think?

                                     Source: livecreatingyourself.com via Andrea on Pinterest


What do you think, logs or books?   
I love the natural element of the wood, but the quirkiness of the books appeals to me also.       
I would love to know your thoughts.  

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The giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m.  Be sure to check back on Saturday to find out who won.  

Lastly, thanks for all your kind comments on my thrifty artwork and fab fabric find.  
It really makes my day to read all your comments.                                                  


  1. Both are nice, but have you considered a third option? A mirror with a group of candles in front? I saw this over on the Young House Love blog, when they re-did their fireplace. Looked so pretty.

  2. I love the look of the logs! but if the rest of your house has kind of quirky stuff then go with the books... was that helpful?:)

  3. LOGS!! Totally. I think it looks more natural. Please do it - we don't have a fireplace so I can't do fun things like this! I'll live through your fireplace!

  4. I really like the logs, too. I love your creativity!

  5. Oh goodness, I'm not sure I could choose between those two, but the logs somehow appeal more to me. Love the natural element and the symmetry.

  6. I personally like the logs, especially with your AMAZING original artwork!

  7. Loving the logs! Very natural and would add texture, and most importantly it wouldn't take away from your beautiful new art. It would really make it pop!

  8. Both would be fun. I would probably go with the logs. The books could give a "busier" look and you have your colorful artwork on the mantle. I'd guess I'd keep it more simple in the fireplace and have my eye drawn to your beautiful painting. Candles are pretty, too....lots of them in various heights and that would put off a pretty and soft glow in the evenings if you lit them. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  9. books... I like the second inspiration picture you put up more than the first. The first looks a little too haphazard. The second looks more controlled. I think it makes more sense visually.

  10. (new to your blog; found you via a Pinterest pin of the drawing of your house)

    I love the look of the logs & may use that idea myself!

    One thing about old books is they can be moldy, so if you go with old books you might want to pull them out every so often to check for mold :-).

  11. LOGS!!! For whatever reason I see books in a fireplace and it looks like burning books.

  12. Hi Andrea, I'm the Stylist who stacked the wood in the second wood image - I just stumbled across your blog and what a delight! I adore the look of stacked wood, so my vote is for that option :) It was extremely easy to do (just watch out for spiders!) but it adds such warmth to an otherwise dark "hole" in the room, and the knotty, rustic wood will juxtapose beautifully the all the elegant elements in your room (as it does it the image). Good luck and I can't wait to see what you do!
    x Meagan


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