So I was just minding my own business yesterday, checking out some of my favorite blogs, trying to stay out of trouble.  Then BAM, I came across this beautiful image on Aubrey's blog, All Things Bright and Beautiful and I that's when the trouble started.

I was so drawn to this image and the idea of making it happen in my dining room, I could barely concentrate the rest of the day.  I even emailed the picture to my husband and said something like "How cool with this be?".  He responds "I like it".  So I reply with a "Want me to make it happen?" and he quickly shoots back, "How much will it cost?".  Shoot, daydream over!

Here a a few other inspiring banquettes.

My husband is so easy going and accommodating, that I could probably talk him into letting me go forward with it.  Fortunately for our bank account, I have more sense than that.  I kindly explained to him that this is going to be an expensive project and will involve the following:

new table or (tables) +
having the lights moved +
a very large, custom built banquet with custom upholstery =

Also, you might remember from this post, my idea about adding a sliding barn door to the wall in the dining room, to separate the kitchen/dining room from the family room.  With my latest idea, this would not be possible.  Good thing I have been dragging my feet on that idea.  So for now, I'll just file both of these ideas away in my "someday" file.  In the meantime, I'm going to bring myself back to reality and enjoy my home just the way it is.

Just for fun, what do you think, sliding barn door or built-in banquet?  Done any daydreaming lately?


  1. Just had an interesting conversation with a friend about this. That's why we love our pinterest boards so much, we can go, look at the beautiful spaces we like, daydream a little, we don't have to decide what style we want our room to be and can enjoy both the modern and the cottage style or whatever it may be. I happen to love both the barn door and the banquet, tough choice!

  2. Andrea,

    Your conversation with your husband made me laugh :), it sounds like the daily conversations I have with my husband. So many gorgeous ideas and inspirations, it is hard to not be able to do all of them!

    I think start with the banquette. I love the barn door too, but I think it will go out of style, but a banquette will always be a classic.

  3. I love banquettes!! We're planning one down the road because we already have two huge picture windows in the dining room that will eventually be part of the kitchen. I have a whole board on pinterest dedicated just to banquettes! Sick, considering I won't be remodeling for like 5 years!
    your husband's response is exactly what mine would have said - I like it - but how much? Good thing we balance each other out right?

  4. If I had to choose, I'd go with the banquette. It's so warm and inviting! If I know you, you'll find a way to fit your barn door in somewhere too! Have a great weekend!

  5. I've thought about doing a window seat/banquette in my dining room. The thing I could never figure out in my head is how the rest of the room would work. Seemed like I would be giving up valuable real estate. But I LOVE the idea!!

  6. Yep, can totally relate that that conversation :) I've been pinning banquettes like crazy for my kitchen bay window - I want one sooooo bad **whine**!

    Could you do both the banquette and the barn door if the barn door were cut in half and rolled open on either side of the entry? Not sure if it would work or how it would look, but just a thought.

  7. http://aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.com/2009/11/making-seating-bench-in-kitchen.html

    check out this DIY from ikea it looks great

  8. Oh my - your dining space is just SCREAMING for a banquet!!! No wonder you were so distracted, I think I would have been too. :-)

  9. A quick word about 3-sided banquets. They look cozy and intimate, but it they are difficult when friends and family want to get out of their seat. Everyone needs to get out to let the mid-meal.

  10. We really want to add sliding barn doors too! It's been on our list for awhile! Love the banquette idea...maybe one day?!

  11. Wow, Andrea! Such a neat idea which would be possible but I guess you have decided not right now. It would be fun to accomodate more in a relaxed setting so easily. You'd get more use out of the banquette but I love the idea of a sliding barn door, too!


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