I took these pictures back in the spring from my kitchen window.  Birds like to build nests on our back porch.  My husband always wants to take them down, but I love being able to see all the action from our kitchen window.

 Looks like an empty nest....

But just a minute later, the mommy bird comes to save the day...

  I missed the shot of the mommy putting the worm in the baby bird's mouth, but how cute are they?

 The baby birds got big and flew away, and so did their mommy, but the nest is still there.
Can't wait until next Spring so I can see it happen all over again.  
Hope you are all taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful weather today. 


  1. You are so much like me, Andrea!! I love to watch them feed and squawk for mommy. I had robins on my porch, too. When one nestful would leave, another would move in!! I finally took the nest down because I was getting bird poop all over my porch furniture!! I know next spring they will build another since it is the perfect spot and I'll probably leave it up!! ;-D


  2. Oh how sweet! We used to have a tree right outside our 2nd story bedroom window that was perfect for watching nests. Every year there was a new one - loved watching those little guys :)

  3. Nice nest and how cute. I love watching birds.


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