Earlier this year, I showed you the office.  It was originally my husband's office.  He was working
from home on occasion and it was working out nicely.  As time went on, he was going into his office downtown more and more and using the home office rarely.  Of course, I swooped in and took the
space over for myself. I moved my computer, paperwork and sewing machine in and set up shop.

I had all this workspace, to myself.  

My husband will come in and watch the news or sports in the evenings, 
but otherwise, it was my little happy place.  

Well, my little happy place is no longer MY little happy place.  
My husband is staring a new job next Monday and he will be working from home ALL THE TIME.
So today, I started moving my belongings out to make room for his. Of course, this small project that should have taken about 15 minutes, turned into a two hour long, purge, rearrange, organize session.

Since I've been booted from "my office", I assessed the situation and began to look at all my options.

Option #1:  My favorite piece of furniture, which also happens to be a great workspace.
Problem: a bit small and I have to sit on a stool (not too comfortable).

I have decided to use this desk as my computer charging and bill paying area. 
(oh, I almost forgot that I started painting it a couple of months ago.  
Never finished that project.  I'd better get busy on that.)

Lots of nooks and crannies for bills, checkbook, stamps, etc. 

Option #2: This is the most obvious choice for "my new office".
Problem: It is in the kitchen and often gets covered in mail and school papers.

I have decided to use this desk as the dumping ground for all things kid related 
(school papers, permission slips, homework that needs signed, etc.) 

Option #3:  This is a great spot to work on projects that need to be spread out.  I have been doing some design work here.  I can lay out fabrics and paint swatches and still have room for my computer.
Problem: It is right in the middle of the family room and I have to clear it off each day so my kids don't scatter things everywhere.

I think this will be a great place for me to work during the day while the kids are at school.  
Plenty of room and lots of natural light. 

Option #4: Everything happens in the kitchen, so why not work there too. 
Problem: The heart of the home which means the center of chaos.    

This is where I spend the majority of my time, in the kitchen.  
I am normally perched on the stool at the end of the island with my computer.

While I am not too happy about being kicked out of my office, I am going to make the best of the situation.

Someone asked me last week if I was worried about being in my husband's way when he starts working from home. My reply, "No, I am worried about him being in my way".  Our home happens to be my place of work and we'll have to set a few ground rules to make sure this set up works.  Wish us luck!

Anyone else dealing with husbands working from home?  If so, any advice to offer?


  1. My husband does not but I do on Friday morning (I do a half day only). It can get tough. My mom takes the kids usually but if they are home forget it! I can't get anything done. good luck!!! (sorry you got kicked out!)

  2. Good luck! We've done both (work from home, work from office). Ground rules are a great place to start! Keep us posted! laura

  3. Hubby started working from home the end of June and so far, so good! It helps that he's in the dungeon, or rather, basement with his own office. We enjoy having lunches together and it's nice when I need help with something quick that he's around. I try not to bother him during the day though because he is working. :) Good luck!

  4. I wish you luck finding your own "space". I do everything in the kitchen and BTW, I LOVE yours! Sometimes it means clearing off the table for a meal, but we make do. I'm not sure what I'd do if hubby worked at home...maybe make him go in the basement!! ;-D


  5. Bummer! I guess the good part is that you'd be forced to clean up after yourself. Maybe you could talk him into working out of the bathroom - send him in with an iPad and he won't ever have to leave! Hehehe :D

  6. Wow! All I can think is "will he keep the office looking as amazing as you did?" :) I hope you enjoy your newfound togetherness.... perhaps some working lunches together?

  7. My hub has worked from home for the last 8 years. You are already doing the right thing giving him his own space and creating one for yourself too! Ha ha - he better stay out of your way - you already have the right attitude ;) It'll be an adjustment at first but you'll end up really liking it! Sometimes we have breakfast or lunch dates which is really nice!

  8. i think i would want to work at the round table... i dont like working at desks facing walls or at secretaries because i start to feel claustrophobic- i like nice open space around me to be creative!

  9. Good luck! I think you are coming up with some very good, practical solutions!

  10. Hi Andrea, you have lots of great space - I love that table in your family room and that blue hutch is so pretty! Looks like the perfect spot for a laptop & cup of coffee!
    My husband works from home when he is not traveling. I love having him home in the day - we both see the kids off to the bus in the morning and have a cup of coffee before going our own ways, and then usually have lunch together if we're around. You'll develop a routine I'm sure!

  11. Good luck to you and your hubby! I am sure you will figure out what works soon enough.

  12. I work from home alone but my husband got laid off in '08 for a couple of months and it was stressful and mayhem and he was relegated to the attic (finished space) but I would say lay the ground rules ahead of time - fixed work hrs, lunch time, etc. Sounds like you have some options in terms of workspaces as long as it is dedicated to your work and is not a "mobile" space. Good luck! Great kitchen, btw.


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