Wow, can't believe I actually typed that.  My husband and I have never (in 15 years) celebrated, much less acknowledged Sweetest Day.  However, this morning I woke up to this....

He sure knows the way to my heart, Starbucks and sweets.  What a fabulous start to this beautiful Saturday.  He took the boys with him on his little excursion this morning.  I'm so thankful he is teaching our boys how to treat a woman right.  They even picked up a few goodies for my daughter.  Uhh, I wonder if he's trying to get out of raking the entire yard today?  Kidding, honey!

I think it all stemmed from me trying to subtly tell him I need want this dress.  

How cute with this be with black tights and black heels for the holidays and black strappy heels in the spring?  Don't worry, I've discussed it with my unofficial stylist, Crissy, and she agrees. 

I may have hinted that it would be a great Sweetest Day gift, even though we technically don't celebrate that made up Hallmark Holiday.  So what he didn't get me the dress, the chocolate and chai tea latte sure made me smile.  I'll just order the dress myself.  Shhhhh!!

Hope you enjoy the weekend and thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog.  
I appreciate you all!


  1. Your husband is a sweetie...I would faint if I woke up to this!! lol! I love the dress, too, and I like your idea for accessorizing it!

    Happy Saturday, Andrea!


  2. aw, that is really sweet!!! i have been dealing with my grouchy husband today. sweeest day my a**! ;)
    that dress is BEAUTIFUL. and the price really isn't bad. and it would be great for holidays. :)

  3. What a good husband you have!!! And that dress - so so cute!! You *need* it!

  4. That was so "sweet" of your husband! And, I think he earns several bonus points for: 1) obviously making more than one stop; and 2) actually writing "Happy Sweetest Day" on your cup! Too cute! As for the dress, once he sees you in it.... no worries! :)

  5. What a wonderful treat to wake up to! You have a caring and thoughtful hubby! Very sweet. I love that dress. Perfect for the holidays. I hope you decide to get it.


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