Back in December, I ordered this print from here.
It arrived in the mail in just two days, and then it sat on my desk for two weeks.

I finally got around to framing it.  I used a frame I got at Pottery Barn outlet a fews years ago.
The frame hung on the wall for nearly two years in our master bathroom, sans a picture.
Other people do that too, right?   Hang frames with no pictures in them (for long periods of time).
I covered the oversized mat with kraft paper and then secured the print with tape.
I know, a very technical and professional way to frame something.
Once again, I threatened to hang it myself, in order to slyly persuade my husband to do it.
It involved drilling into the tile wall, so he was not about to let me attempt this one.
Worked like a charm.  I never really thought I could, but I knew he could!

It sits above the throne in the boys' bathroom.  
You may remember from this postI intended for the message
 to be a motivational tool to encourage my boys to "hit the target".

I can officially report that this lovely print has resulted in absolutely no improvement in my boys' aim, 
but it sure looks cute hanging on the wall.

Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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  1. It looks great! I love your framing skills, I think we went to the same Framing School. ;-). If you find a method that works for the aiming problem let me know. My boys are 10 and 13, and I am still looking. :-)

  2. ha ha!!!! that is so funny! always worth a try and at least now you have this awesome print!!!
    i have to say i totally lucked out with a son who aims very well.... seriously chris and i hear all these stories of boys peeing everywhere and we are always shocked!

  3. I DID go to framing school and I think it looks mah-velous!! The craft paper is a great idea as a background and I love the colors in the print (and it just makes me laugh!!) My boys are 13 and 9 and I too are still encouraging a little more aim (and the lifting of the seat!!) :)

  4. Ahhh hahaha!!! That is hilarious :D Sorry to hear it hasn't worked, but it definitely looks good!

  5. LOL love it!!! too funny. It's adorable print : )

  6. So cute! I would just love it if my 8 year old would lift the seat before he goes!

  7. Oh my I want that print! It is what I need to be telling myself all day today!

  8. I love this print it's so cute! I have some catching up to do on your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself - I can't wait to follow along with you now.

  9. This is such a cute idea... I'll definitely need it in a few years! I'm hosting a linky party, the theme is all time favorite post- would love it if you joined in!

  10. I think this is very cute...perhaps they were not so focused on the print/too much pressure? Maybe it is time to move it (or not)....some day. Brought a smile to my face.

  11. Such a cute print...might have to pick this one up for Baby Schue! :)


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