For today's installment of "Friday Finds", I am turning it over to one of my most favorite bloggers ever.
Take it away Cassie.......

Hi Oak Ridge Revivalists!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper.  
Primitive and Proper began as my furniture business, and then I added a blog to the mix!  
The blog details a lot of the pieces I work on, 
but also shares my crafty projects as well as my own home decor.  
We just moved into a new home, so there are tons of projects going on right now over there!  
Anyhow, I am so excited to be Andrea's first guest in a series about finds!  
I just love Andrea- she is so sweet and so stylish!  
I have been stalking her ever since I saw her daughter's room!  I love it! 
 Over my 5 years of painting and selling vintage furniture, I have had so many finds!  
But my absolute favorite find is a piece that I didn't do anything to..... 
I didn't paint it and I did not sell it either.  
There is an auction on the Eastern shore of Maryland 
that I used to frequent when I lived in the Annapolis area.  
About 2 years ago, I was at the auction when I saw it.... 
 It was laying on the ground, and it was AWESOME.  I knew I had to have it.  
Now, when I see something at the auction that I have to have, I try to predetermine a price in my head that I am willing to go up to- my absolute maximum.  
Let me also add that my maximum is pretty darn cheap- I don't like to spend large amounts of money.  It stresses me out!  So I stood, staring at this piece on the ground and pondering...  
I decided that $50, maaaaaaybe $60 was my maximum. 
 The day went on and finally we were gathered around this piece, 
I bid and was outbid, I bid again.... $20.  I waited, and not one person bid against me!  
I could not believe it!  I got to take my treasure home for $20!!! 
Unfortunately, my treasure had no place in our old home.  
But being the hoarder that I am knowing I would regret giving it up, I saved it.  
I held onto it for two years.  My mom even thought about using it in her home,
but the size just wasn't right. So when we moved into our new home in October, 
I was thrilled that I finally had a place for this treasure I had been hanging onto.  
And I think it may be the most commented on piece in my new home.    
So now you want to know what it is, dontcha?  Here it is, currently decked out for Valentine's Day:

It is my huge "Antiques 500 Feet" sign and I love it. 
I love its chippy paint, its shape, its weathered look.  And I love that it was that way when I found it.    Just so you can see all the lettering, here is another picture 
from when we first painted the striped dining room in November.... 
(clearly taken before I got my new sideboard and painted that.... 
which might be a close second as far as finds go!) So what do you think?  Was it $20 well spent?  
I certainly think so and am so glad I hoarded it for two years 
so I could finally display it proudly in my home. 
 Andrea, thank you so much for allowing me to kick off this fun series.
 Hop on over to visit all the craziness on my blog!

A big thanks to Cassie for getting the party started!
I am on my way to Chicago this morning.
My daughter has a gymnastics meet this afternoon and then
we will be making a trip to the American Girl Doll Store tomorrow morning.
Wish me luck.  The last time we visited the store, I had a hard time getting her out of there.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Great Find!! I can't believe you snagged it for $20.00!! Awesome! I love it!!

  2. how fun to see cassie over here. i've always loved that sign of hers and that sideboard has to be a close second. i love that thing. enjoy your trip!

  3. Love that piece! Cassie's dining room is just beautiful! Have fun this weekend! My girl isn't into American girl dolls yet, so far my wallet is safe. ;)

  4. Andrea, I love this new series!! Hope you have a great weekend and don't break the bank at the AGD store!! What fun.
    Cassie, what a score at $20 and isn't it amazing how things you love always have a way of finding a spot?? You must be so glad you hung on to it all this time!

  5. This is a wonderful sign, Cassie! I'm so glad you found a place to put it and it looks fantastic dressed up for Valentine's Day.

    I live in Chicago...have a safe trip, it's finally snowing! :)


  6. OOh this is such a great post and thanks for sharing Cassie's blog, love that antique sign!

    Following you now


  7. I am totally in love with that sign too! $20 VERY VERY well spent!!!! Jealous :)

  8. Good thing I wasn't at that auction...It'a been an episode of Girls Gone Wild: Edition Auction...hehehe...I love it...it's bangin'...

  9. Love the sign, and it's fun to read the story behind it.

  10. A very well spent $20! I love that sign and it looks perfect in Cassie's house. Her sideboard is a fabulous piece, too. Hope you have a great weekend, Andrea.

  11. This is going to be a fun series! Cassie set the bar pretty high with her find, so fun!
    Hope you have a great visit to Chicago, my hometown!


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