A Kartell Louis Ghost chair, that is.  
I have been stalking these chairs for some time now and I ran across one on Craigslist Saturday night.  
I know, exciting life I live, surfing Craigslist on a Saturday night.  
Anyway, I was able to talk (or rather e-mail) the seller down to a reasonable price 
(less than a 1/4 of what a new one cost, FYI) and then I sealed the deal.  
I tend to be a bit disillusioned about how long it takes to arrive at certain destinations.  
I seem to be under the impression that I can get anywhere in the tri-state area in about 15 minutes,
 give or take an hour.  After finding out it would take me an hour, round trip to get the chair,  
I did kindly request that the seller meet me somewhere in the middle.  No dice, so I ever so sweetly conned my good friend, Lisa, into making the trip with me.  I have sold more on Craigslist than I have bought, but I read the paper, and I know it's not a good idea to go into a stranger's house alone.  Fortunately, the seller basically opened the door wide enough to toss the chair out to me,
 took my money and then promptly shut the door.  Fine by me!

Enough rambling, here's the ghost.....

Its present home is in front of my blue secretary.
Should I be so lucky to score another one of these,
they will reside at either end of my dining room table, when needed for extra seating. 

I realize these chairs may be a tad trendy and I'm not normally one to buy trendy pieces,
but since I didn't invest much in this chair and I am totally digging it,
I am feeling pretty good about my latest Craigslist adventure.

Oh, and the @ pillow was a gift from this lovely blogger.
Not only does she give the best gifts, but they are always wrapped in style.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of the Louis Ghost chair
mixed with traditional and vintage elements.


Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the second installment of "Friday Finds".
This week, one of the sweetest bloggers in all of blog land will be sharing her favorite find.


  1. SCORE!!! The chair looks great in front of your secretary, loving the @ pillow on it too. I'll cross my fingers for finding #2!

  2. what a find! that is awesome and looks perfect! and btw, i think we have similar saturday nights!!! :) ah the life!

  3. I love it. I can't do any buying or selling through CL here. It is on the news all the time with deals gone bad so hubby says no way.

  4. It looks so great in front of your secretary. Now I want one!

  5. I. Am. So. Jealous!!! How freakin, stinkin fun does she make that space! Don't ever let me into your house because I might try an exorcisim so the ghost is no longer residing in your house... but in mine :D

  6. Nice snag there--looks right at home!

  7. We do a ton of Kijiji shopping (like Craig's list). I only either send hubby, or we go together...I never go alone. In fact, tonight hubs is picking up an amaaaaazing antique armoire that a lady bought at an auction in New Orleans and brought all the way up to Canada. I think there are great deals to be had, but you just have to be careful. I love your chair, and it looks perfect there!

  8. LOVE It! Looks so great with your secretary - oh and sounds like one heck of a Saturday night if you ask me! ;)

  9. I like mixing styles and the chair works great in front of that amazing secretary. Makes me want one even more.. I have the perfect spot for it in my study.

  10. I love it too! I feel the urgent need to check out Craig's list right now! It might seem trendy, but I think it is a future classic...

  11. It looks great Andrea, and I LOVE that gorgeous secretary!!

  12. Although trendy, I think the ghost chair is very flexible and can be used for a while. I'm sure your kids would like it too, right? We've sold more on CL than have bought too, but funny story about getting a friend to go along with you. I would do the same. And I've also been known to browse CL on a Saturday night too. Have a great weekend!

  13. OH I LOOVE the ghost chair!! Totally want one for our desk area!

  14. Even though Craigslist took down there Adults section in 2010. Women and children are still being sold and bought for sex on the website. If you would not physically shop or sell your products in a store that allows this to go on in the back of their store please dont do it online. Thank you.


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