A couple of weeks ago, when I stumbled upon this fabulous find, 
I needed to find a new home for a chair that use to be in our master bedroom.  

this chair....which now resides in my boys' room

It used to sit here....

Speaking of fabulous finds, I know it's not technically my turn for "Friday Finds", 
a new series I started last week, but I have to introduce you to my latest lamp. 
I picked this beauty up last week at Goodwill for $6.00. 
I wasn't quite sure where it would go, but I ended up adding it to my boys' room 
and it's perfect in there.

Check out the awesome quilting detail....

And come a little closer to see one of my favorite snapshots...
Those are my sweet boys having a moment on a hike a couple of years ago.
It's a nice reminder to me that even though they can fight like the best of them, 
they really do love each other.

Sorry, back to the chair.  This chair actually came from the thrift store too.  
I bought it several years ago and it was covered in a hideous vinyl fabric.  
I had it reupholstered in a neutral, stuck it in a corner of our bedroom and never once sat it in.  
It makes much more sense in the boys' room.  I created a cozy little reading corner for them.
I have big plans for that little bookshelf too.

After I went back and re-read this post, I realized you people must think 
I practically live at the thrift store.  
Honestly, I could stand to reign myself in a bit when it comes to thrifting, but it's like a treasure hunt!
If I am anywhere in the vicinity of a thrift store, I must go in and browse!  
Believe it or not, I most often come out empty handed. 
You're not buying it, are you?  
I am a fairly new thrifting addict.  See I can admit it.  My friends think I'm nuts!

How about you, are you an avid thrifter or are you on board with my girlfriends.  


  1. The chair is fabulous! I can see it just about anywhere because it is so neutral.

    I love thrifting...well, I just love shopping anywhere!!


  2. well i for one and shocked you took some time away from the thrift store to write this post for us. ;) seriously though, i love that lamp!!!!! it's awesome! and i love the chair- i think the fabric is simple and sweet and i like it. :) the best part of the post though- that picture of your boys. now that, my friend, is priceless.

  3. I'm also addicted to stopping in the local thrift shop whenever possible, but I've been so busy lately I haven't even had a chance to stop :( I'm sure my husband is thrilled. He just shakes his head when he sees me come home with something "new". I love the close up photo of your chair - pretty fabric!

  4. I need to find some new thrift stores! I rarely see anything worth making over. However my parents-in-law's basement - now that is filled with hidden treasures! That little reading nook looks so comfy and I love that pic of your boys - so adorable.

  5. Andrea you seem to have radar for the best thrift finds! I am a thrifter through and through, in fact I have been know to text photos of my finds to clients and friends. When I spot a find, I want someone to own it even if it can't be me!

  6. What a deal on the lamp!

    What caught my eye was your bedroom paint color! Haha! lo and behold it is sea salt - one of my possibilities!

  7. Oh my word, ca totally relate to the thrifting habit. Was just out and about the other day and bought a couch that was sitting by the road. It's a disease.

    Thrifted lamps have to be one of the greatest finds. I'll never buy a new lamp again.

  8. Great find! We'd be in so much trouble if we lived closer! - hey,I'm researching carpet right now- we're planning to replace all the carpet late spring- anyhow, I love what you have - do you mind sharing the brand and color?

  9. Love the lamp... and the chair! We have some fairly "junky" antique stores that I like to go through regularly and of course, I also like thrift stores and estate sales. It's all about the hunt!


  10. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that lamp. I've had my eye on the exact same one at a local thrift store but since I have no place for it in mind I haven't scooped it up yet. Love yours tho! No shame in thrifting my friend.

  11. I think it's great that you can find great buys for less! We can all stand to save a little money here and there, so go for it! Beautiful fabric on the chair too... I love the small, neutral print.

  12. I love the thrill of finding great stuff at thrift stores (and the low $ output if it doesn't work out). I am really envious of all your great lamps-- I've been looking but nothing yet.

  13. Great finds and I love thrifting as well! It helps that since we moved this summer and live in a bigger city that the stores have better selection here. I just found a $60 toy organizer from Target at Goodwill last week brand new in the box for $10. I also found a great chair a few months ago for $12. Don't even get me started on the lamps I've found. Anyways, it's great fun and I often leave empty handed as well. My mom is grossed out that i buy used furniture but nothing a little cleaning won't help and make good as new. That quilted lamp is great!

  14. That photo of the boys is so sweet!..... and I love the idea of a reading nook in every bedroom. As far as thrifting goes, I'll definitely leave it to you; but I'll admit to being envious of all your great finds! :)

  15. i love the idea of thrifting, but i don't think i go often enough to find anything. i can't wait for warmer weather when we can ride our bikes to the antique district in town. i always find something there.

  16. Great find! Perfect color. I'm not quite as compelled to go into thrift stores, probably because I've never really hit the jackpot. I usuallly feel like it was wasted time. But, then again, other times, I still want to give it a try... just in case! Craigslist is more my cup of tea.

  17. I'm a relatively new thrifter - inspired by all of the thrifty finds of other bloggers like yourself! I swear, my thrift stores just STINK compared to some of the goodies I see.

    It's a sad state of affairs when, after driving my son to baseball practice (45 minutes from home), I stalk the area for thrift stores and the like. I drove by a ReStore and looked it up on my phone, only to discover they weren't open. Next time...

    Love the photo of your boys!


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