On Sunday, I headed out with my very favorite shopping buddy, my daughter.  We hit up a local outdoor antique fair.  It takes place once a month from April through October.  My friends and I like to refer to it as "Burlington.  Last week, we were buzzing with excitement over "Burlington". 

It was a gorgeous day and we began browsing the different booths.  
The first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful copper umbrella stand.  It had a lovely patina and was priced right.  My daughter and I were standing over the umbrella stand, mulling it over, when it swoops another customer and literally takes it right out from underneath me.  I was a little stunned.  Guess it wasn't meant to be.  However, it taught me a valuable lesson.  
If you want something, pick it up, or sit it in. 

Which leads me to my first purchase.  
This vintage Herman Miller Eames office chair.  I have been searching for one for quite some time. 
 I came upon this one and knew it would be perfect for our office.  
After being burned on the umbrella stand, I instructed my daughter to sit in the chair and not move. 
The chair would go in our office and I my husband spends the majority of time in there 
so I wanted to send him a picture and make sure he liked it.  
While I patiently waited for his reply, my daughter just sat, and sat and sat.  

Okay, enough rambling, I bought the chair.  
Here it is in its new home.  

It is very comfortable and the leather is in great condition. 

 This was the chair that used to be in the office.  
As soon as I got home on Sunday, I listed it on Craigslist.  
I sold it yesterday (for more than I paid for it - Shhhh!!)

I also picked up this rusty old thing.  Another item I have been on the hunt for.  
We entertain quite often, especially in the summer.  This is going to come in handy for keeping drinks cold.  You know I like old rusty things, but the base might be a bit too rusty, even for me.  
I'm thinking of painting it a bright fun color.   

Lastly, I snagged this metal tool box accessory.  
It was just $5 and I knew I could use it outside on my back porch.

I had such a great time spending the day with my daughter. I can't wait until next month's "Burlington"!

Have you ever had someone swoop in and steal your treasure? 
I use the word steal lightly since I had not technically paid for the treasure. 


  1. Fun!! I hope my daughter wants to do a lot of shopping when she gets older (how could she not right?) That same 'swooping' happened to my friend this past Sunday. We were at a flea market and she saw a mirror for $5 that she was eyeing up and a woman literally came in and took right from underneath her. She was quite bummed to say the least but learned her lesson too. I love your new goodies especially the chair - is it grey, brown, or black? I can't tell from the photo, but it's awesome!

  2. how fun! my daughter is my shopping buddy, too- she loves thrifting, garage saling with me. i think when she is a little older it will be even more fun, but it's so nice to have that companion. and she tells me i am pretty which is nice, too. ;)

  3. I am intrigued--Burlington. Vermont? New Jersey? North Carolina? Hmmmm...
    Love the office chair! My daughter would rather go to Ikea or ABC Carpet and Home. She is not into "fixer-uppers," probably because she grew up in the middle of a construction zone.

  4. Oooh I like your new treasures....particularly the chair! It looks so comfy and stylish!
    My daughter is a great shopping buddy too.....she just talked me into aviator sunglasses because my old ones made me look "like a bug". :)

  5. Good finds! The chair is perfect. Too bad about the umbrella stand...sheesh, some people. I actually have one of those double laundry sinks and use it exactly the same way you said--for cold drinks in the summer when we entertain. It's perfect for that and it's quite the conversation piece. Having the hose inside is really helpful too for drainage. Hope you enjoy using it at many parties!

  6. I'd say a lesson learned, but oh my, that was a "ballsy" person! I think you ended up with some great goodies despite the rough start. You have and eye....!

  7. Nice finds! I have the Burlington Kentucky antique fair on my radar. I live in Virginia but am planning my Cincinatti Reds weekend trip around the fair dates!! So, hopefully I'll get to visit in July or August. Or I could say when the Reds play the Cardinals or Cubs. ;)

  8. Love the masculine look for the office, how lucky the leather is in perfect shape! And I can picture your tool box with some greenery and candles for Christmas, too! Great finds!

  9. The chair is amazing! The leather looks gorgeous, and it really does look super comfy. Loving all of your finds, as always :)

  10. I had a lady nearly knock me over for a table I was standing in front of. To this day I long for that table!! Love your finds...the metal stand with tubs is going to be perfect for ice and drinks and yes, the bottom would be neat in a bold bright color!


  11. Vultures always swoop! Your plan is perfect..sit, hold or touching it at the very least might deter the vultures and keep them circling.


  12. What a great find! Love it. Love shopping with my girls too!

  13. $5 well spent!! I am in love with the tubs, and they will be perfect for holding drinks!

    I've never had anything "stolen" from me, but recently we were buying lanterns to make into lights and literally as I was paying, a huffy lady came up and started complaining that those were hers... even though I'd just gotten them off the show room floor. Whoops, oh well, finders keepers. ;)

  14. I have the exact same red tool box insert - but I got the whole toolbox too!

    And that Eames chair is a great find - I am a little green with envy right now!

    I confess - I did scoop up a lamp someone else was eying!! Don't judge - they walked away from it - rule 101 of thrifting - as you know since you had your daughter sit in that chair!!


  15. You are so creative! I too was at Burlington, and came home empty handed. I don't have the vision you have. Wonderful! Love reading your posts...maybe I'll acquire the "vision" through you (-;


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