Today, I am featuring the best kind of "find", a free find!  
Hilary was very fortunate to happen upon an amazing find that worked perfectly for her home. 
I'll let her tell you all about it. 
Hi there, Hilary here from My So-Called Home. I'm so excited to be participating in Andrea's Friday Finds series since I am a self-proclaimed thrift-aholic and shameless roadside picker. The majority of the items in our house were either thrifted, Craigslisted, or found on the side of the road and I love being able to give things a second life. In my opinion there is no need to spend tons of money on all new things when there are quality pieces everywhere still alive and well and just waiting for a new home. Old items tell a story and I love being able to incorporate those things into the story of our lives.

Back in January my husband and I had been looking for something to replace our old TV console with and after scouring Craigslist for months to no avail we just happened to stumble upon an old dresser/buffet left out on the curb for bulk pick-up day.

 I knew right away that it needed to be ours so we loaded it up into the car right then and there and brought it home. After giving it a good thorough cleaning it is now our perfect TV console table-- no painting, staining, or hardware required.

And most recently the mirror went up:

The only thing we did was to drill a hole in the back of the top drawer so we could keep our DVD player out of view and still be able to snake the wires through the back. We just love how perfectly it fits right in and best of all it was free! And for me free is the best kind of find.
I couldn't agree more!
I don't know about you all, but I am so ready for the weekend.  I sold my sectional and it is getting picked up tomorrow morning.  The new couch is being delivered tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night I plan to go out with my husband, relax and unwind after wrapping up several PTO projects I have been working hard on.  I have also been busy making lots of changes around here and I promise to share them with you in the next few weeks.  Now that I have some things off my plate, I feel like I can breathe again.  Ahhhhhh, deep breath!!  Have a great weekend. 


  1. What??? Free???
    It is awesome--just the type of thing I love. Our bulky item pickup is next week. Thanksfully, I no longer have kids who say "Moooom...you look like a homeless lady going through the trash.....I'm so embarassed...."

  2. That's just plain amazing, especially since they didn't even have to do anything to it!! People around here need to start tossing out good stuff so I can get in on this :D Excited to see all of our changes!

  3. That is a great find!
    Okay tell me about the sectional you just sold - did you not love the size of it? I need new living room furniture and we've been contemplating a sectional for major stretching out. But I do worry it will be hard to change up over the years and that I might get tired of the same room configuration. I wonder if a sectional might lock me in. I'm a total commitment phobe!
    :) Any all all advice from your experience would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. I can't believe someone was throwing that out! What a great piece!

  5. i love that! and free- what'd better than that! it's the perfect TV stand! off to check out her blog. happy weekend!

  6. I love it!! And I love that it was free! It looks really good! I also scored big on a free find.. http://chase-thestar.blogspot.com/2012/03/craigslist-desk-re-do.html
    Would love it if you stopped by my blog! Have a great weekend!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  7. Free! Holy buffet batman, what a deal, what a steal, what a great piece it turned into.


  8. Awe, free is definitely best, and free that looks like that is a steal :)


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